Thursday, October 15, 2009

HappyBaby has a coupon out for a free product! You can choose from HappyBaby frozen foods, cereal, puffs, bites and melts. All of these products are available at Whole Foods and I've seen some at Babies R Us and Target. Click here to print the coupon.

Coupon is one per customer and according to Money Saving Mom, is probably only available for a very limited time!

I have tried the frozen purees, cereals, bites and puffs from HappyBaby and Rayna has enjoyed almost all of them (except for the Gobble Gobble which she flat out refused). Can't wait to use this coupon on some cereal!


Jennifer said...

I went to print the coupon, and it's already not available!!!! Thanks for the tip anyway!!

Bay said...

Wow that was fast! Sorry it was a bummer for you :(

Susan said...

This would come in so handy at our house