Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love to save plastic grocery bags and reuse them for little trash liners, lunch bags for hubby (he eats a pretty big lunch, lol) and of course, for dog poop disposal. A long time ago my mom taught me to keep the plastic bags in an empty tissue box. I love that, because then you aren't spending $10+ at Bed, Bath and Beyond for a bag holder and you give something a new life.

Well I stumbled across this link to MSN's 50 All-Time New Uses for Old Things article and it knocked my socks off. Not only does it include my tissue box-bag holder tip, but a zillion (or I guess 49) other really cool tips I would never have thought of. I knew this would rock for Works for me Wednesday.

Check out the other posts at We Are That Family!

Theatre Communications Group is offering free tickets to local theater companies through the country! Check out their website here to see if you can get free tickets to a show in your area. There doesn't seem to be any participating theaters in Philly, but there are plenty in NJ for those of you readers who are in my area.

Thanks Kelly for passing this on!

Monday, September 28, 2009

My dog Buddie Love, happily sleeping in the sunshine at home =)

Well I did it again. Relapsed into non-blogging. If you care for an explanation, here is a little one.

I used to be able to get online on my laptop through my Palm Treo using a little program called PDANet. The connection was slow, but still let me stay connected with the outside world if I was away from home.

I have since ditched the Treo for an iPhone and I can do just about everything with it (without connecting up to my laptop)...except blog. I haven't found a good app for blogging yet, and honestly, wasn't really searching that hard. I was still tweeting, though, so if you are ever desperate to know what I'm doing at any given time ;o) just check my Twitter page. And if you know of a good iPhone Blogger app, or some other way to connect when isolated from Wifi services, please let me know.

So now I have returned home from my final trip to the shore (boo!) for this year and I am settling back into life at home. Which means you can go back to getting updates from this here blog. <3

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This week at Staples HP Multipurpose paper is $4.99 with a $3.99 rebate, making the final price $1 a ream! This offer is limit 2. I use up a bunch of paper printing coupons ;) so I was just about out of paper when I saw this in the circular. I went yesterday and picked up 2 reams and the rebate process is very easy. "Easy" is their motto after all! The rebate receipt will print with instructions on how to submit online (like RiteAid) and it only takes a few seconds.

Click here to check out the Staples weekly ad.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This is the hot coupon right now! Click here and sign up with Luvs (click where it says "Get the coupon") to get a welcome pack including a $5 off coupon! If you are already a member (did you get this last year?) then login and check the box that you would like the $5 coupon and update your account.

$5 off one pack of Luvs would make them very inexpensive, so be sure to sign up soon as I'm sure this offer will run out soon! And while you're at it, you may want to have grandparents or friends sign up and pass the coupon back to you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I had my first rude couponing experience at Wal-mart last weekend. First, I'll say that I almost always bring the Target coupon policy with me when I'm shopping there. I also have a newspaper insert they had put out ages ago that showed the savings with a Target coupon *combined* with a manufacturer coupon, just in case my local store gave me some problems like they had in the past.

Wal-mart, however, has always been easy going to me. Whenever I go, the cashier scans every coupon dutifully and never blinks twice. Yet a little voice told me to just go ahead and print the Wal-mart coupon policy & put it in my Couponizer bag.

Well, last weekend I went with the family to Wal-mart to pick up some of the deals that were available. This definitely included some printable coupons. As soon as I got to the register, the cashier asks, "did you print these coupons from the Internet?" to which I say 'yes.' She then says, "well we don't take those" and starts to hand them back to me.

Hubby was very impressed with my Matrix-like speed in whipping out their policy--I had *just* printed it--and began to inform my cashier that my coups were legit. Cashier calls manager. Manager says, "we do not take Internet coupons" and I calmly begin to hand her the coupon policy that I say I have "just printed" from the Walmart website. Manager does not want to see my coupon policy, but at this point thinks that I am staring at her nametag...which I wasn't! I hadn't even gotten to that level yet, I'm still positive everything is going to go just fine. She then dramatically grabs her nametag and makes a dramatic show of showing it to me and says, "The name's Deanna* since that's what you're looking at!"

Well hold up, sister. I was NOT looking at your name tag and there is no need to get snippy here. I flabbergastedly announced that I was not even looking at her name tag, and then she seemed to calm down. I'm not a psycho, I just want to use a coupon =)

So this story is getting really long, but then Deanna (why did I change her name, when she is not really "innocent?" lol) realizes that my coupons scan and are perfectly legitimate, but she still has to check with a mysterious manager that is somewhere in the front offices. During this time, Deanna stops to chat with whoever she pleases and takes her grand ol' time. When she does come back she says that "the accounting person is not in, but HE said we could take them if they scan." That was all very nebulous and I think she was just faking, but whatever. I politely said thank you and I left paying not even $3 for two bags of stuff.

Meanwhile, my husband was very proud of me because I remained calm and got my way in the end. But, I stuck to my guns only because what I was trying to accomplish was perfectly legitimate and my right as a customer of their store. Now we all know that this is usually a rare occurance, but it has definitely served as a reminder to me to know store coupon policies and keep a written copy of them with me, if available.

And be sure to check your local grocery stores for their coupon policies and carry those with you, also!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I got the email last night that I was chosen to be a Purex Insider! This means I will be one of the first to try new Purex products and participate in special promotions and giveaways!

First, Purex is sending me their new 3-in-1 sheets to try. You may recall me mentioning that I really hate doing laundry because it is in my dank basement...and I have a bit of a phobia of basements. Anything that would get me out of the basement quicker really would preserve me some sanity! The new Purex 3-in-1 sheet is like a dryer sheet that contains the detergent and fabric softener; it goes in the washer right at the beginning and contains the soap! Great, no standing there in fear and measuring out soap and fabric softener =) Then, when the clothes are done in the washer, everything goes right into the dryer and the sheet's last hurrah is as a dryer sheet.

Once I get this and try it out I'll be sure to post a review and let you know how it works! In the meantime Click Here and check out the Purex site for a coupon and to enter to win some of their giveaways!

Just go ahead and click for me (pretty please!) because as an Insider, I'm entered into a special contest where I could win $500! And for those of you dearies who were going to start clicking every spare moment you have (bless your heart!), it is just for unique visits, but thanks :D

Monday, September 7, 2009

CVS is carrying Mom's Best Naturals oatmeal (it is in the canister) for $1 in a special value section of the store, near the seasonal items. You can print two $0.75 off any Mom's Best product coupons here (use the back button to print the coupon twice) to get 2 canisters of oatmeal for only a quarter each!

I was able to do this at my local store and for some reason I was really excited about it. I score great deals all the time, but something about taking home a nice big container for a quarter made me pretty happy! :p

I found this deal on the Money Saving Mom blog. Click here to check out the other CVS deals she has posted for this week!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Chick-fil-A on Labor Day has become an annual tradition, but it is still worth a reminder!

This Monday from 10:30AM to closing, wear any sports team logo (hat, shirt, etc.) and get a free original chicken sandwich! Visit Chick-fil-A's website if you want to confirm (why would I lie? lol)

In other Chick-fil-A freebie news, visit to enter to win some free chicken. Coupons will be mailed to you, so be sure to provide your mailing address.

I haven't put up a good freebie compilation post in a long time, but there's a bunch of good ones so here we go:

There's a new Home Made Simple type coupon book available. The old Home Made Simple coupon books used to contain a free rinse aid coupon. Maybe this one is the same? Either way, you'll still get some good coupons (click here)

Free sample of Bear Naked granola (click here)

Sign up for the Eat Better America newsletter and get a free Nature Valley trail mix bar and bag of Nut Clusters (click here)

Get a Fiber One sample with a coupon pack (click here)

A great one for college students: a free sample of NoDoz (click here)

A combo Kotex & FTD sample pack available through Walmart (click here)

Kotex overnight sample available (click here)

Free sample of Huggies Little Movers diapers (click here)

Zyrtec allergy medicine sample (click the 10 ct. pill link to access the sample) (click here)

Fancy Feast appetizers for cats (click here)

Right @ Home offers great free samples that you can request every other month. If you're eligible, be one of the first 10,000 to sign up for this Scrubbing Bubbles Fall cleanup gift pack! (click here)

Fill out a survey and get a free sample of Cankermelts (click here). There is also a coupon to get a totally free pack at RiteAid or Walgreens (click here).

This one doesn't look totally reliable, but try for a free sample of Exederm (click here)

These freebies were gathered from Money Saving Mom and Freebies4Mom!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Last Saturday, August 29th, I had my Couponizer Brunch Seminar at The Tortilla Press in Collingswood, NJ. Like I mentioned earlier, I knew this brunch would be a great way for me to introduce the Couponizer system and how to get started saving REAL money using coupons in a fun and relaxed way.

So many people tell me that their coupons are a mess, they don't have the time to use coupons, etc. Yes, clipping coupons does take some time, as does learning how to use them effectively, but the savings you can realize *every week* makes that brief investment SO worth it!

At this seminar, first we got settled & ordered our brunch. The brunch specials at The Tortilla Press are awesome and a really great price (click here to visit their website!) Once we were enjoying the fresh squeezed oj and the delicious cinnamon nachos I went through the basics of how to save money with coupons, in general. Hint: Planning is #1!

After we enjoyed our meals, we got into the basics of the Couponizer system. Here I am going over how to use the Couponizer to keep organized while you are in the store:

Once I went over how to use the Couponizer, we talked about how to use coupons effectively. This included our local store coupon policies (such as who has the best coupon policies & what stores don't accept *any* internet coupons), where to find coupons and how to start saving BIG. This includes the beloved CVS, where you can combine Extra Care Bucks with Manufacturer coupons (like the one I'm holding below) to get your toiletries and household items for very little $!

Once everyone broke into her Couponizer, I fielded questions from the group:

My favorite was the question from Kat (far left, below) which had to do with buying things you don't need just because you have a coupon. Don't do it! That is one of the mistakes I made when I was a beginner, was to buy something because I had a coupon or because my coupon was about to expire. If it is not something you were planning to buy, or you could get an equally acceptable item for a lower price (like a generic), don't feel like you have to use the coupon. Coupons are tools to save you money, not an obligation! And, of course, good coupons come around every week! =)

Thanks to all of the attendees for coming out for my first seminar--I know that we all had a great time & I love your emails about your first shopping trip with the Couponizer! Don't forget you can always contact me with any questions.

And for those (many!) of you who wanted to come, but couldn't make this date I will be having more seminars like these in the future. If you are interested in having me speak for your group (women's group, MOPS group, etc.) feel free to contact me!
Special thanks:
To Chef Mark at The Tortilla Press for the delicious meal & giving us a great meeting place in your lovely restaurant!
And for Jamie at Ju'see Photos for taking a break from the seminar to capture these great pictures. In the Philly area and need a photographer? Click here to check out Jamie's website!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here is a great free ice cream deal!

Purchase any Blue Bunny Sedona or Aspen Frozen Yogurt & Granola novelty between 9/5-9/7. (There is a $2 off coupon from a recent insert that will make this a $2 money-maker!)

Mail the completed form, your receipt & the UPC code from the box and get a full rebate!

Limit one per household; be sure that you purchase the product on 9/5, 9/6 or 9/7 ONLY and then mail your offer in by 9/19!

I first found this deal on Common Sense with Money!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's that time again. If you have a Bank of America credit card, it will grant you free admission to local museums this weekend (September 5th & 6th)! With the Bank of America "Museums on Us" program, all you have to do is show your Bank of America credit card along with your photo id to get free admission for each cardholder.

Check out their website here for all the details and to see what museums near you are participating. This promotion runs every month!