Friday, October 31, 2008

Hurry! While supplies last, Nature's Bounty is giving away a free tote bag with a $1 coupon. Sign up here.

A couple others for the week:

Metamucil Berry Burst sample

Free subscription to Smithsonian magazine (this isn't a scam, I've gotten free subscriptions from these people before)

Free sample of Emergen-C
, click on "Share the Good"

Click "try it free" for a sample of Playtex Sport

Free Turtle Chex Mix bar
if you haven't already signed up for the Betty Crocker emails (remember the free Warm Delights minis or mashed potatoes? Use another email if you have one!)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Printable coupons come & go super-fast, so if you are interested in this, act quick! Here's the deal:

Target has a currently unadvertised promotion running in the store where you purchase any four participating Glade holiday-scented candle items & an InStyle magazine, you get a $5 gift card.

The holiday Glade Scented Oil Candleholders are included in this promo and are on sale for $2.50 each--a good price for them. If you go to the Glade scented oil site here, print two of the buy one get one free coupons (remember, to print two you hit the back button a few times after you print the first one. You will get a second coupon with a unique barcode).

Once you are in Target pick up four of the holiday-themed Glade Scented Oil Candleholders for $2.50 each. In my store, all of the participating items were on an end-cap next to the air freshener aisle. My store only had the Apple Cinnamon scent left, but according to Glade's website they also carry Glistening Snow & Cinnamon Gingerbread. Pick up your InStyle magazine (with Beyonce on the cover). At checkout, turn in your two bogo coupons. You will then get the magazine, all four candles and a $5 gift card for $8.59 before tax. If you subtract the $5 gift card, you only paid the $3.59 for the magazine. Not bad!

I had to go to Target anyway to pick up a shirt for Rayna's costume tomorrow, so I had my husband stand behind me in line to use the gift card on her little shirt. :)

I have to say, I love getting the Kraft Food & Family magazine. It is a full-size magazine put out by Kraft Foods that promotes their products and provides recipes, tips, etc. Sometimes they even have coupons; a few issues back there was a coupon inside for a free full-size salad dressing of your choice.

To sign up for Kraft Food & Family, get on their mailing list here.

The last issue, Fall '08, had a bunch of great recipes that I have used, especially since they included the nutrition information and I could easily figure out the Weight Watchers points. Now, the recipes aren't gourmet, but they are very quick and easy and so far, pretty darn good!

This one is 6 ww points per serving, and it makes 6 servings.

Bruschetta Chicken Bake

1 can (14 1/2 oz.) diced tomatoes, undrained
1 pkg. (6 oz.) Stove Top stuffing mix for chicken
1/2 c. water
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 1/2 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-sized pieces
1 tsp. dried basil leaves
1 c. Kraft 2% Milk Shredded Reduced Fat Mozzarella Cheese (I used Wegman's part-skim)

Heat oven to 400 degrees F. Mix tomatoes, stuffing mix and garlic just until stuffing mix is moistened.

Layer chicken, basil, cheese and stuffing in 13x9" or 3 qt. baking dish. (I put half of the cheese, then the stuffing, then the rest of the cheese)

Bake 30 mins. or until chicken is cooked through. Enjoy now or cover and refrigerate. To reheat, microwave each serving on High 2 to 3 min. (I have also prepared the dish in advance, refrigerated and then popped in the oven. I think it is hard to mess this up.)

Enjoy! Love, Bay

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yes, the Philadelphia Phillies are the World Champions!

Even though I'm a Jersey girl, I'm a *south* Jersey girl, which means we are Philly fans. We haven't had a championship sports win in 25 years, but "the curse of William Penn" is over! Way to go! Now I can go to bed! ;)

Yup, they arrived. Yesterday I actually received my eight (not twenty) Omaha Steaks burgers for $1.98. I am super excited for them, because $1.98 is still a really great deal for 8 choice burgers delivered to my door, but I can't help but leave this whole situation still scratching my head for Omaha Steaks.

I wonder just how many of us blog-reading, deal-posting, bargain fanatics really tried to place orders using the "two promotions"? I would *love* to know. Regardless, a company should honor its own mistakes and fulfill the orders we thought we were placing. Some of the really early birds got their full 20-burger-for-$1.98 orders, some of us got 8, and yet many were left not getting anything at all. I wonder what kind of impact it had on their company's reputation, especially in tough times right before the holidays?

I guess I won't know the answers to some of these questions, but yesterday I read an interesting post on Money Saving Mom's blog. She had a post (here) about a little children's DVD company called Kinderbright offering a free DVD in return for some parents' reviews. Due to the traffic of her site, Kinderbright was inundated with requests and issued this email to her:

We would like to thank you for posting our offer on your site. After more
than 440 requests in 3 hours, we can no longer offer the dvd for free. We
had been averaging about 2 requests per day before this.

We will honor all the requests received this evening (by approximately 7:45
central time), for the free Volume I, but it may take a number of weeks to do it.

We have changed the webpage, and we are now offering your visitors a
discounted price of $8.95 and free shipping.

Again, thank you. Based upon the responses we've received thus far from
viewers, we feel confident your moms, dads, and kids will find the dvd's
worth the wait.

Kind regards

I read that and immediately thought of the Omaha Steak thing. I think Kinderbright's email displays exactly how a company should react in this sort of day and age, when an offer can go 'viral' with little warning.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It is Works for Me Wednesday again! I hear a lot of girls on the web talk about homemade bread. It seems that every good wife is baking fresh baked bread with some type of secret recipe. I heard somewhere along the line about "no-knead bread", which is easy for the novice to try. Since I am a novice bread maker (actually, a first-time bread maker), I did some searching and found an archived recipe from a blog I like to read, Steamy Kitchen. Here, since it really did work for me, I'm posting my pictures along with Jaden's recipe. Enjoy!

No-Knead Bread-

3 cups bread flour (I used all-purpose because it was all I had and it was still good! It's probably soo much better with the right flour!)
1/4 teaspoon instant yeast
1 teaspoon salt (3/4 tablespoon if you're using kosher salt)
1 1/2 cups warm water

1. The night before, combine all ingredients in a big bowl with a wooden spoon until the dough just comes together. It will be a shaggy, doughy mess (like this):

Cover with plastic wrap and let sit 12-20 hours on countertop. (After which it looks like this:)

2. When you are ready for it, dump the dough out onto a floured surface. Wet your hands. This will prevent the very sticky dough from sticking to your hands. If you find dough sticking to your hands, wet again. Why not flour your hands? You could, but you want to keep the flour: water ratio pretty even. Since we are adding flour to the surface, I balance it out by wetting my hands. It is the high water content that makes this bread so deliciously light and the crust very crisp. With wet hands, grab the dough and fold over all ends towards the middle. Turn dough blob over so that you get a nice, smooth, tight surface. Try to tuck the dough ends under to get that taut surface. (Ok, mine didn't have a "taut" surface, but this is what my tucked and flipped over dough looked like:)

Gently move dough onto a floured towel. Cover. Let nap for 2 hours. It should puff up nicely and double in size. (Here is my dough inside the floured towel. My "after 2 hours" picture looks exactly the same, but it really did rise:)
3. A half hour before the nap ends, slip covered pot into your oven. Crank up the heat to 450F. Let it pre-heat for 30 minutes or longer. Use a 5-qt or larger cast iron, ceramic, Pyrex, stainless steel or enamel pot. Just check your pot collection - look for large, heavy, no plastic. Round, oblong - doesn’t matter. Should be at least 4″ tall. (I used the Pampered Chef stoneware roasting pan, since it was my only oven-friendly pan with a lid.) After pre-heating, remove the hot pot from oven. Now plop this wobbly dough into the hot pot. Doesn’t matter how it lands - actually, the messier it lands, the more “rustic” it looks. Shake pot a bit to even out the dough.

4. Cover and put back into the oven. Bake covered for 30 minutes. Photo below is peeking through oven door after 30 minutes. Then uncover and bake further for 15-20 minutes. To check - you can either tap the bread (should sound low, hollow, like a drum) or take its temperature (should be 210F in middle).
Here is bread just after baking:
5. Remove and let cool. This bread really does sing - the crust crackles as it cools. Listen to it! (Mine was super quiet...just a little crack here and there, lol)

And that's it! Oh, and the bread was delicious! The smell of the house was amazing, the warm fresh bread was great, but can you tell I'm just really proud that it worked? I had zero faith in myself that this would work, because I have a hard time baking anything, especially brownies from a box. To view the entire original recipe (along with her super-cute pictures) click here.

For more Works for Me Wednesday tips, click here!

Big sigh.

I never shopped at the Superfresh near me because their prices are higher than both Acme & Shoprite. As you know from my post here I was going to try them out by picking up the $40 worth of General Mills products & get the free turkey. Well what do you know?


Can you believe that?? In today's economy? They will certainly get a letter from me. So now I can say THAT is why I never shop at Superfresh.

As a reminder, Acme will take any internet coupon (and double the ones $0.99 and under). Shoprite will take any internet coupon $1 or less (and double them up to a $1 value). Wegmans will take any internet coupon that doesn't have the word "free" on the coupon (not sure about the doubling, I will check in and let you know). The "free" means you can't use a "free" value internet coupon or a "buy one get one free" type coupon. Walmart and CVS don't double any coupons, but they will take all printables that have a barcode.

So I don't know what the deal is with Superfresh, but I'm not going to post deals for them unless there is something very awesome.

New week, new freebies! Enjoy

Free ADT Child Safety Kit. Order one for each child under 14.

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion sample. You don’t need to be a Costco member, just leave that field blank.

Free sample of Dunkin Dark coffee (click the orange box that says “taste for free”).

Got 5 old bags from Target? Mail them in for a coupon for a free reusable tote. Click “What if I don’t have a People magazine cover?” for details.

Lysol sanitizing wipes sample.

This seems so bizarre, but free glue?

Free sample of tea, lots of varieties to choose from.

Check out what t-shirts are available totally for free!

Get free laundry coupons mailed to your house.

Especially for my brother, a free Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hooray! I am having my first-ever blog giveaway! I'm super excited, because I have a bunch of cool stuff to give away leading up to the holidays. This time, up to win is a set of 35 wood-mounted stamps. They are mini letters & numbers in a cute, all-caps font (about 1/2 inch). I'm also throwing in a stamp pad to go with it. Just in time for you to make your own cards for the holidays! You can use these to spell out any message you want.

The deadline to enter is October 31st at midnight EST. A winner will be picked November 1st and notified by email. This is open to anyone in the US.

Just post a comment to enter! You don't need to be a blogger, just provide a valid email address so I can get ahold of you if you win. Want two extra entries? 1. You can post about my giveaway on your blog and leave the link in a comment. 2. Subscribe to my feed and post a comment letting me know. Just post separate comments for each entry, as I will be using a random number generator to choose a winner from the comments.

This giveaway is part of the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival. Check out More giveaways at the Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival!

Because a base had been stolen during the World Series, Taco Bell is giving away one free crunchy beef taco between 2 and 6 PM on Tuesday, October 28, 2008. (GO PHILLIES!!!)
Limit one per person. Details here.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

First, a little background information for working your deals at Acme-
Acme has *the best* coupon doubling policy in my area. While most NJ stores will double the value of a coupon up to $1 (a $0.75 cent coupon would max out at $1), Acme will double the value of any coupons under $1. So if you have a $0.99 cent coupon it will be doubled to $1.98 off. This extra savings can make all the difference.

When Acme has items on quantity sale (such as 2 for $4), you do not need to buy that quantity to get the sale price! Only if they specifiy “MUST buy two”, which is rare!

Ok, now a little printable coupon information-When you print online coupons you may need to install some software. It is mandatory, but very quick. Also, there is usually a print limit of two coupons to be printed per computer. When you print the coupon, hit the back button a few times for the coupon to print again. You can try this as many times as you like, but usually the software will recognize the print limit and you only get two coupons per computer.

Here we go-
Nothing is knocking my socks off this week; I think I’m gonna just do the Superfresh deal.

No coupon here, but it is Acme’s lowest price of the year on boneless, skinless chicken breast- $1.69 lb. for packages of 3 lbs. or more. It will save you $ to get a big pack on sale like this and divide it into freezer bags of 1lb. portions and freeze.

Progresso Classic Soup is on sale $1 each, use the printable coupon here to save $1 off 3- makes each can $0.67. Also, in this weekend’s paper was a save $0.50 off two coupon, that would make two cans $0.50 each!

Stoneyfield Farm Organic yogurt is on sale 3 for $2 use the coupon here to get 3 cups for $1.

Ball Park hot dogs are buy one get one free this week. There is a $1 off two coupon in this Sunday’s paper that you can use to get two packs of hot dogs for $2.24 each. (YES- you can use a “buy two” coupon with a store’s buy one get one promotion, because you ARE buying two. This deal is not a huge savings, but if you use this tip for other buy one get one free promos you can really save!)

Beech-Nut Stage 2 baby food is on sale for $0.50 each. This week’s paper has a $1.50 off any 8 jars coupon, making 8 jars $0.31 cents each. (To get more Beech-Nut coupons and a free sample, call 1-800-523-6633 and ask for the Beech-Nut parent pack.)

Hillshire Farm Kielbasa or Smoked Sausage is buy one get one free. Use the $1 off two coupon from a recent insert to get two packages for $1.99 each.

Hanover frozen vegetables are on sale 2 for $4. In this Sunday’s paper are coupons for $1 off two Gold Line package frozen vegetables and $1 off two Silver Line package frozen vegetables. Use a coupon and get two bags of vegetables for $1.50 each.

Hostess 100 Calorie Cakes are $3, use the $0.75 printable here to get them for $1.50. The chocolate variety is really good and only one point for the whole pack!

Muir Glen organic tomatoes are about $1.29 at my store for the big can. There is a $0.75 cent coupon in Sunday’s inserts that will double to make a can free. There are also $1 off printables available here.

If you are having a little Halloween party, there is a special $3 off coupon on the back page of this week's circular that is valid when you buy one Tombstone Pizza (on sale for $3.66 this week), two cases of Pepsi cans or 6 pack bottles, and 2 bags of Doritos. The total price would be $15.66 after coupon. Not a super deal, but definitely cheaper than ordering pizza!

Love, Bay

Friday, October 24, 2008

Superfresh is offering a FREE holiday turkey (frozen, up to 20 lbs.) just for purchasing $40 worth of participating General Mills products! This is much better than most local grocery stores (like Acme & ShopRite) which require you to spend $300 this month to qualify for a turkey. The $40 of General Mills products is the value before coupons!

The participating General Mills products are listed on the circular, which you can access online by clicking here. I know that a lot of you do not have a big stash of coupons yet, so here is a deal scenario that includes links to printable coupons that will let you get this for the best possible deal. My deal scenario is very similar, so I’m not going to bore you with that here. I am buying almost the same items, but using a couple of different coupons from newspaper inserts to get my total down to $23.55 out of pocket.

Superfresh doubles any coupon that is 99 cents or below. The final prices after coupons listed below are after doubling.

Here is the deal scenario using only printable coupons. You will spend approximately $29.48 before tax, receive over $40 worth of General Mills products and get the voucher for a free turkey!

Go to, sign up to print coupons and print two copies of each of these coupons:
Save 75 cents on 17.5 oz. Betty Crocker cookie mix
Save 55 cents on 1 tub of Betty Crocker frosting
Go to Pillsbury and print one copy of each of these coupons:
Save 60 cents on two packages of Pillsbury pie crusts
Save 50 cents on two tubes of Grands biscuits
Save 35 cents on two tubes of Grands sweet rolls
Go to and print two copies of:
Save 55 cents off Trix coupons
Click here and print two copies of:
Save $1 on Cheerios coupons

Purchase two 10.7 oz. boxes of Trix cereal and two 8.9 oz boxes of Cheerios.
Use two 55 cents off Trix & two $1 off Cheerios coupons
Four boxes of cereal for $1.23 each – total value for turkey $8

Purchase two 17.5 oz. packages of Betty Crocker cookie mix.
Use two 75 cents off coupons
Two packages of cookie mix for $0.17 each – total value for turkey $3.32

Purchase two tubs of Betty Crocker frosting (must be Whipped variety)
Use two 55 cents off coupons
Two tubs of frosting for $0.40 each – total value for turkey $3

Purchase two packages of Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts
Use one 60 cents off two coupon
Two packages of pie crusts for $1.90 each – total value for turkey $5

Purchase two tubes of Grands! Biscuits and two tubes of Grands! Sweet Rolls
Use one 50 cents off two Grands! coupon and one 70 cents off Grands! Sweet Rolls coupon
Get four tubes of biscuits & rolls for $2.08 each – total value for turkey $10

Purchase $10.68 worth of other items from the list—whatever you need—to make $40 worth of items before coupons. An example of what more to buy would be:
1 box of Betty Crocker Brownie Mix for $1
4 boxes of Green Giant frozen vegetables for $5
1 canister of Bisquick Shake n’Pour for $1.99 &
2 canisters of Progresso bread crumbs for $3, totaling $10.99

Final- You will have purchased $40 worth of General Mills products, spent about $29.48 before tax (if applicable) and qualified for the free turkey!

Think that is a lot of baking items? The cookies, mixes and frosting will come in handy for the holidays. Use the biscuits to make breakfast sandwiches that you can wrap up and freeze individually (just thaw them in the fridge overnight and heat in the morning). The pie crusts can be frozen until you are ready to use them, then use them for other uses than desserts, like quiche.

Enjoy! Love, Bay

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here are some more freebies for the week- act quick!

Folgers coffee sample

Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauce in a pouch

Free Pantene samples (requires registration)

Register for a free shirt or apron from oops wines

Orville Redenbacher's Smart Cakes sample

Sign up for Betty Crocker emails and get either a free sample of Warm Delights minis here or a box of Betty Crocker potatoes here

Free samples of Sunsilk haircare - you can request more than one

Try a free Quaker Simple Harvest granola bar

Love, Bay

Sam's Club is running a special for families that are not currently members of the club. Stop in to shop this weekend (tomorrow through Sunday) and you can get a 10 week membership for $10.

This is great for those of you who want to try out a warehouse club and see if the savings work for you. A lot of couponers really bash the warehouse clubs, but I find that my membership at BJ's is SO worth it for the savings on formula alone.

Click here to read more about this offer from Sam's Club. Thanks to The Centsible Sawyer for this one!

I had been a WW absentee for two weeks...well, I missed one meeting, but it was two weeks of being totally off the program. I was terrified of going in to the meeting and seeing the look on the receptionist's face when I gained 3 lbs. I was moving slow all morning, wondering if I should just have a week "OP" (on plan) before I went in again to weigh in. I knew that is not how it works; when a person feels they need to lose a little weight before going to WW it is like a backslidden person saying that she's just gonna get it together before she goes back to church. It won't happen!

When I got into the meeting of course I was glad to be there. People who try to lose weight on their own don't realize that there's something special about seeing the same people every week at Weight Watchers. You don't need to be friends at all, but it's reassuring to see them there.

So anyway, I weighed in and they are always very quiet and discreet at my meeting, even if you've lost. The girl says nothing and is shuffling around my paperwork. I'm getting nervous to hear the damage and I let out some kind of "oh no?"--"eek!"--a whimper, maybe? She's like, "huh? You lost! 1/2 a lb."

Haaaallejulah! You could knock me over with a feather. THEN she tells me that I am just a few pounds away from the goal weight and that once I get there I pay the "maintaining" fee that leads to being lifetime! Hooray! I'm most excited about not having to pay for WW, isn't that sad? lol.

Did you know most popular restaurants offer some type of offer for you on your birthday? This is a great time to use your special "junk" email that you check periodically; just click the links and sign up for your favorites. Sign up different family members and you could be enjoying some great coupon deals throughout the year! Here are ten to get you started:

Red Lobster has a club that offers a "surprise" birthday gift

Friendly's will give you an ice cream gift two weeks before your birthday

Free appetizer as soon as you sign up for Longhorn Steakhouse emails

Join the Red Robin e-club and get a free gift right away, plus a free burger on your birthday

Kids get a free Wacky Pack meal when you sign them up at Sonic's birthday club

Buca di Beppo offers a free dessert on your birthday and great coupons all year round

Famous Dave's has a "P.I.G. Club" and you will get one of several different birthday gifts

Children get a free kid's meal with Bob Evans

The Chevy's Compadres Club offers special discounts, coupons and birthday gifts

Sign up for TGIFriday's "Give me more stripes" club and get a free appetizer now

Enjoy! Love, Bay

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It WAS too good to be true! Yet, who would have thought that a company would completely revoke something from your order after it was already placed and confirmed?

My awesomest deal ever--Omaha Steaks 20 burgers for $1.98--now has become 8 5oz. burgers for $1.98. I'm really not complaining, because for all intents and purposes, that is still a fabulous deal, but can you believe Omaha Steaks sent an email saying that because I used two promotions, they would not send the free burgers? Period. No "sorry for the misunderstanding" or "feel free to use this code on your next order". There was an 800 number to call if you had any questions, so I called. I had a real robot of a person repeating the same phrase over and over. When I told her that I thought it was pretty bad form for a company to snatch back an offer due to a mistake on their end, the line was silent. I guess she didn't have a pre-fab answer for that?

Oh well! No one said that you don't have to get a little dirty to get some steals ;) Sorry to all of you who were excited about this and had it yanked either before you got to it or after you ordered. I think no one is more sorry than Omaha Mis-steaks!

This deal is no longer, and while some where lucky, most were not. Please see the follow-up post HERE.

It is TRUE, it works, and it is not a scam. This offer has been swirling around the internet for a few days, and yesterday I decided to just go ahead and try it. I was skeptical, because it sounded too good to be true. Well, obviously, it worked for me, it is working for other people and it can work for you too!

I found the detailed directions for how to do it on Catherine Wheels blog. It is a little confusing, though, so I've tried to clarify the best I can. You are going to DO THIS:

1. Click HERE and sign up for a program called "Geico Priveleges." You do NOT have to have Geico, nor is it any kind of sales thing--it is just to get an email with a gift card code for $25 off at Omaha Steaks. Be patient waiting for the email. I had to wait a whole day, some people wait an hour or more. Either way, be patient!

2. Once the email comes, click the link that says "click here" for the gift card code. If you do not see your code, open up a new window, log back in to Geico Priveleges and then click the link in your email again. Now, get a piece of paper, write down your gift card code and check it twice. Got it? Then close out Geico Priveleges, do not follow their link to Omaha Steaks.

3. Now that you have your gift code written down, CLICK HERE to fill in your email address to get 12 free burgers through some Omaha Steak's referral program. Don't worry that it is not my email address as the referrer, it's ok! I don't mind if someone else is getting credit for this, it seems to be the only way it works! Now, click the link to get the free burgers and start shopping. Once you are in Omaha steaks, go to the left bar and click where it says "Burgers/Brats/Franks". Find the burgers that are 8 - 5oz. burgers for $12.99. This is the cheapest option, that nets you a total of 20 burgers for $1.98 out of pocket. If you want to order something else, steaks for example, you can, but you will pay a bit more out of pocket. I wanted the cheapest deal ever :) Add the 8 - 5 oz. burgers to your cart, or whatever else you might want instead, if you want to pay more for steaks or what have you.

4. In the brownish bar is a link that says "View Cart", click this link and you should see your 8 - 5oz. burgers for $12.99 and the free gift burgers. Now you will proceed with checkout. You will NOT have a $25 order, but it's ok because the shipping will put you just over $25. Now after you have entered your addresses, there is a place for your Gift Certificate code and a pin. You do not need any pin, just enter the code that you wrote down on paper. Click apply and you should see your total fly down to $1.98. (It will be more if you chose steaks or something else more expensive than $12.99). Now you pay using Paypal or your credit card.

5. You will get your invoice that you only paid $1.98 for 20 burgers and you will dance for joy! Thanks again Catherine!

It might be a bit confusing and it's a bit of work, but persevere...I did it for me and I just did it for my sister, it works! If you have any questions at all, please post them here and I'll reply asap to help you out.

Love, Bay

It is “Works for me Wednesday” over at Rocks in my Dryer (a bunch of girls post tips and tricks that work for them). I was already planning to post on here about Roboform, and I have to say that it definitely works for me. I’m not trying to sell you anything, it is free! (There is a “pro” version you can buy, but the free one works for me so far)

The name “Roboform” already sounds a bit intense to me, and I guess it is—it does a LOT of things that I don’t even know what to do with—but I use it for quickly filling out internet forms. You know, when you are filling out a form for a freebie and it is asking for all of the same information: first name, last name, address, blah blah blah? All I did was fill in that information once for Roboform, and now I can push a button and it fills it in for me Every Time.

What is also really cool is that free Roboform lets you have two “identities” so you can push one button to fill out the form with your usual information, and then push another button to do it again with different information. You can use this for requesting samples to two addresses, like one for your work and one for your home. I have one identity for me and one for my mom, so when I request something, I go back and request it for her as well. Aren’t I sweet? (This is where I am really tempted to buy the “pro” version, it lets you have TEN identities…imagine all the mailboxes I could be filling ;)

Ok, so I have a handy button for you to download it and try for yourself.
RoboForm: Learn more...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Freebies usually go fast, so act quickly if you're interested! Score free samples of:

Airborne original orange - (I just got a different one in the mail, that was a packet of Airborne and a packet of Pixie dust for the water bottle, along with a coupon--I found it by clicking a banner link with a romance novel type guy...LOL, so be on the lookout for that, too)

Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Treatment - (click the little pink box)

Choose a free sample of either Splenda flavored or Splenda with fiber (hmm, that's an easy choice)

Enjoy! Love, Bay

Tonight I went to Acme for my trip this week and I found a cool deal that you may be able to snag! Free Suave Shampoo & Conditioners! In the shampoo aisle, there were larger, more expensive bottles of Suave shampoos and conditioners that had these pink stickers on them:

Snag them from whatever bottles have them--you will NOT be buying the bottles that the coupons are on...The supermarket people are smart, they are not going to stick promotions on the cheapest bottles, they want you to spend the most possible.

On the inside of the peelie is this coupon:

It is for $0.50 cents off ANY one Suave hair care or deoderant. Now, we know Acme will double this coupon to $1 off. Lower on the store shelf are the less expensive 15 oz. Suave shampoos and conditioners, and they are on sale 10 for $10 (which means $1 each). Pick up as many as you have coupons, or as many as you can use or find good homes for, and you are good to go! If you happen to see these peelie coupons at any other store (while you are at Target, for example) pick them up and save them for your Acme trip, where they can be doubled up to a dollar.

There are no rules for peelies, if you see one on an item you buy and the item isn't on sale, you can save it for later and use it when it is!

Monday, October 20, 2008

First, a little background information for working your deals at Acme-
Acme has *the best* coupon doubling policy in my area. While most NJ stores will double the value of a coupon up to $1 (a $0.75 cent coupon would max out at $1), Acme will double the value of any coupons under $1. So if you have a $0.99 cent coupon it will be doubled to $1.98 off. This extra savings can make all the difference.

When Acme has items on quantity sale (such as 2 for $4), you do not need to buy that quantity to get the sale price! Only if they specifiy “MUST buy two”, which is rare!

Ok, now a little printable coupon information-

When you print online coupons you may need to install some software. It is mandatory, but very quick. Also, there is usually a print limit of two coupons to be printed per computer. When you print the coupon, hit the back button a few times for the coupon to print again. You can try this as many times as you like, but usually the software will recognize the print limit and you only get two coupons per computer.

Here we go-
These are the best deals I see for the week. They aren't stellar, but it's a start!

Item of the week- Duncan Hines Family Brownies or Cake Mix (Select Varieties) 10 for $10 (you do not have to buy 10, one will be $1) Use the printable here for the new deluxe carrot cake variety. If it's available at your store, it will be free!

Kellogg’s Cereal, 25.5 oz. Raisin Bran, 17 oz. Apple Jacks, 17 oz. Froot Loops, 23 oz. Frosted Flakes, 24 oz. Frosted Bite Size Mini Wheats, 17.2 oz. Corn Pops on sale 4 for $10, $2.50 each. Use the printable here to get each box for $1.50

Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup cans or microwavable bowls are buy one get one free. If you got a free can coupon in the mail you can use it to get two cans for free, or use the 50 cents off two coupon from the newspaper to get $1 (after doubling) off two cans.

On the second page of the Acme circular is a $5 off any two TGIFriday’s Complete Skillet Meals coupon. Since they are on sale for $6.99 each, after the coupon they will be $4.49 each. Not sure if these are any good, if you like them, let me know. I like the Bertolli meals, but Wanchai Ferry skillet meals are eww!

Minute Original or Ready to Serve rice is on sale this week for $2 each, use the $0.40 off coupon (will double to $0.80) from the paper to get a 14 oz. box for $1.20.

Fiber One Toaster Pastries are on sale for $2 a box, use the $1 off coupon that comes with the Fiber One cereal sample (sign up at and get a box for $1.

Love, Bay

One of my main reasons for starting this blog is to help my friends and family score some of the great grocery or other money-saving deals that I get. When I get twenty boxes of cereal and granola bars for $10, people ask, “how do I do it?”. All over the web are really great websites that help coupon users score the deals, (I use to scope out the ShopRite deals, and for CVS and other deal ideas) but there is no one that I can find who is putting together Acme deals. Recently I have learned that Acme has the best coupon policy in the area, combined with pretty good sales, so I have been shopping there. Since I am doing it for myself, I am going to share the scenarios here. Obviously, you won’t want all of these items all of the time, but hopefully you can work some of them to save some dough. If you are wondering what to do with a bunch of an item, the key is stockpiling.

Sales at most grocery stores go in cycles, some weeks an item is on sale and some weeks it is not. When you stock up on an item you use regularly, when it is on a great sale and/or you have a coupon to use, you avoid paying full price for that item when you need it and there is no sale or no coupon. The rationale is simple.

So what do you need to get started? My first and biggest recommendation is BUY THE PAPER! Around here, if you order the paper delivered to your house, the coupons come on Saturdays. If you just want to go to the store and buy a paper, the coupons will be in the Sunday paper. I have to say that I would frequently forget to buy the paper on Sunday and miss out on a bunch of good coupons. You can get some really good grocery deals using printable coupons, but a lot of the best come from the paper.

One more pointer, set up a separate email account to sign up for company newsletters and other promotions where coupons are emailed to you. This will help keep your inbox free of junk mail, and you can sign up for promotions from all of your favorite brands.

In no time at all you will have a nice stash of coupons, a stocked pantry and more cash in your wallet.

Love, Bay

I've had a "diary type" blog before, but my audience was limited to the few interested friends and family that felt like reading my rantings and ravings. I decided to spend my time doing something a bit more productive and write a blog about things that I am doing and hopefully reach more people in the process.

In this blog I hope to write about my brand new experiences as a first time mom, a new stay-at-home mom, someone attempting to save money while living in the expensive northeast (South Jersey, specifically), and anything else that comes up along the way.

If you don't already know me personally, my name is Rebekah, but family and a few friends call me Bay. Can you believe there are about 1,000 Rebekah's out there blogging about similar subjects? So I'm going to post here as Bay. The name of this blog is just something cute I call myself since I don't have a "little princess" I have a little queen! :)

Yay, let's get started!