Sunday, March 29, 2009

First, if you are new to working deals at Acme, please read the background info on this post. This will explain how the coupons double & how to print two copies of the printable coupons.

Here is what I see this week:

First I found two deals using Acme's printless "avenu" coupons.  Never used avenu before?  Don't worry, I just started and it is very easy.  Go here and enter your Supercard number from your card or one of your receipts.  You will then see some "customized" offers for you and then a list of electronic coupons.  Once you have activated these electronic coupons, all you have to do is purchase the items required for the specific offer that you would like to take advantage of, and the "coupon" will come right off of your total at checkout.  The best thing about these deals is that they CAN be combined with manufacturer coupons!

These offers may vary by region, but I was able to find the following two 'deals' using avenu and another coupon:

Avenu coupon:  Buy any two size bags of Barilla Tortellini or Tortelloni and receive $2 off.  The larger 13 oz. bags of Barilla tortellini are priced at $4.69 this week.  There is also a $1 off any bag of Barilla tortellini coupon in today's paper.  Purchase two bags, use the $1 off coupon and after the avenu savings, your price will be $3.19 a bag.

Avenu coupon:  Buy any Family size (32 oz. or larger) Stoeffer's meal and receive $2.50 off.  There is also a $1 coupon in the current issue of All You for any Stoeffer's family meal.  The price at my store for a Stoeffer's family size entree is $8.99.  Combine both of these deals, and your price will be $5.49.

Non-coupon deals:

Fresh Express Salad Blends are on sale for $1.77 each.

Acme, Lancaster or Perdue chicken breast packages are all 50% off & Boneless pork chops are also 50% off this week.

Acme, Barilla and San Giorgio dried pastas are all on sale for $1 each.

Printable coupon deals:

Wonka and Sweetart jelly beans are on sale for $1.66 each.  There is a $1 off two coupon here, making these $1.16 each for two.

Newspaper coupon deals:

Dole Mandarin oranges and Dole pineapple cans are on sale for $1 each.  There is a $1 off any 3 cans coupon from this week's paper (and some from past papers as well), which would make these $0.66 each.

Post cereals are on sale for $1.57 when you buy two (greater and lesser quantities will ring up $2.07).  The participating cereals are Honey Bunches of Oats, Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran and Grape Nuts (13-20 oz. sizes).  There is a $1 off 2 Post cereals coupon in today's paper that applies to Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran and Grape Nuts.  Purchase two of these cereals, use the coupon and pay $1.07 each per box.

Campbell's cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soups are on sale for $1 each.  There are $0.30 off 4 coupons available from recent inserts (including today's) making these $0.85 each when you buy 4.

Vanity Fair napkins and plates are on sale 3 for $7 this week.  They are also printing a $3 off your next shopping order coupon when you buy 3.  There are $1 off 2 napkins or plates coupons in recent inserts (including today's) making these $1 each after you factor in the $3 off coupon.

Kemp's frozen yogurt 56 oz. are on sale 2 for $6.  There is a $1 off two coupon in today's paper, maybe these $2.50 each.

See anything I've missed, or have any questions?  Please leave it in the comments!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

For some time, I've been seeing other people mention All You magazine on their blogs, and how it is a good source of coupons.  Unless you subscribe to this magazine, I think it is only available at Wal-mart stores.  Because of this, I have not had any experience with All You.  I tend to stay away from big box stores as going into them automatically makes me want to spend money.  Seeing everything from baby shoes to groceries to beach towels makes my weak mind think about purchasing things I don't need.  I'm ok with admitting this! ;)

Today I found myself at Wal-mart, returning some duplicate birthday gifts that we got for the baby's birthday.  Armed with a merchandise credit and a few items on my list, I got sucked in to 'browsing around' and I found a copy of All You.  It was chock full of coupons, so I paid the $2.49.

I just wanted to give all of my readers a heads up that there is a coupon in the magazine for a free Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara (value up to $6.47).  I was pretty happy that there was one coupon alone that more than covers the magazine purchase and I especially need mascara.  Bargain Briana has a post about this issue including a list of the other coupons available here if you're intrested.

Looks like I might redeem some points for an All You subscription!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What was most disappointing about tonight's Lost?  That my dvr missed the first 8 minutes. Ugh!  We were out tonight and I had a sneaking suspicion that my unreliable dvr was going to mess up the Lost taping the one night I wasn't home to watch from the beginning.  And of course, it did!

Once I started watching the episode it was pretty solid.  There were none of my favorite elements in this episode (Richard Alpert, dead Losties, smoke monster, etc.) but it was ok for me.  My points:

-I got a chuckle out of hearing Ben say "Mission Accomplished" to Sayid after the last hit.  It just reminded me of George W. Bush...there is no way Sayid's mission is anywhere near accomplished.

-There were a few little Lost-cutesy things like Sayid drinking McCutcheon.  It was great to see how Sayid made it on the 316 plane.  Ben sure gets what he wants & Ilana is a much better character for me!

-People are down on Amy, but I think I would have reacted the same way to a "hostile" in their camp.  This doesn't mean I like Amy, but I'm just saying that I agree with her motherly instincts.  I still find her pretty annoying.

-Ann Arbor?  What's in Ann Arbor, Alvar Hanso?  It was weird to hear the Dharma's mention their higher ups.

-I'm tired of the relationship quadrangle.  The scenes with Kate just made me tired of it all.  Can't you all move on from your super-shallow relationships with Kate and worry about the major crisises at stake?

-Apparently there is some flaming VW bus reference with Back to the Future I don't get.  My brother tried spoiling me on the end of the show when I was a few minutes behind.  Not cool Eric! ;)

-And of course, Sayid shooting little Ben!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!! YES, Ben is a terrible weasel-child, and YES, he will grow up to be a very evil man(?), but how could Sayid kill a poor little boy who is abused by his father and just wants to escape his miserable island life?  I am not sure that anything the Losties are doing now will really affect the "future" or the island in our current time.  If it did, and things like the purge never even happened, Alex stays with Rousseau, etc. my mind would explode and it would take me years to process this.  So that is all I have to say about that!

And my favorite line of the night? When Sayid tells Sawyer that a "12 year old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich.  How do you think I'm doing?!"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It has been one WEEK since I've posted anything!

I have not given up blogging in any way, I have just had a very crazy week. It was my little one's first birthday, and along with that came parties and all of their havoc. Add in not feeling so well, and my blog was shoved to the bottom of the list.

So if you were wondering where the Acme deals were this week, I'm sorry for taking a week off and I'll be right back to regular blogging activity tomorrow with my recap of Lost ;)

Thanks for bearing with me!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I know there will be a lot of haters on this episode, but filler episodes have their place.  And while this one segued us into where the Oceanic 6 are, there were a few cool moments.  My faves:

-Frank and Sun.  What an odd pair, but it works for me.  I have to say Frank's super-expert landing of the plane was just fabulous.  I have a bit of a crush on Frank, feel free to laugh, so I'm glad he's getting some airtime.

-The baby Ethan reveal.  It was cool to see Juliet overwhelmed holding the baby she knows will eventually be killed, yikes!

-The hilarity of Jack's work assignment.  Upon watching the episode a second time (my husband had to watch it late, I'm not really that much of a nerd, lol) I caught Sawyer say that he had taken care of the work assignments.  When Jack hears that he's a janitor based on his profiency tests, it is classic Sawyer and Jack bickering.

-Sawyer getting his moment to tell Jack to lean back and let him continue to do his work.  In three years, Sawyer's worked his way up to being the most trusted and respected Dharma employee, why would drug-addicted, alcoholic Jack really think he was more capable of calling shots.  Go Sawyer!  Love to see him reading with his glasses still.

-Creepy Christian hanging out the in the shed, with the smoke monster(?!) in the background.  What kind of journey does Sun have to go on?  Can't believe Smokey was just hanging out in the background pretty quietly.

-The little actor who plays young Ben.  He is spot-on.

Finally, one question.  Where did Faraday go?  So that leaves next week.  Hate to imagine they are all turning on each other, but we'll see.  And please, leave Sawyer and Juliet alone! ;)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

First, if you are new to working deals at Acme, please read the background info on this post. This will explain how the coupons double & how to print two copies of the printable coupons.

Here is what I see this week:

There's actually some good overall sale prices this week and a good Kellogg/Keebler deal.  Also, be aware that there is an Easter shopping reward going on from 3/6 to 4/2.  Spend $300 during this time period and you will earn your choice of one Cook's Smoked Ham (6-8 lbs. bone-in), a 96 oz. family size Lasagna, or one frozen 4-7 lb. Turkey Breast.  Your purchase amount is counted before coupons, so work your deals and you get the free item without spending $300 :)

The Kellogg's/Keebler deal is this:

Buy any 10 of the items listed below at 10 for $25.  $10 will instantly come off your total at the register and the "final" price will be 10 for $15 (only $1.50 each).  Of course, this will be worked down even more using coupons.  First, here are the participating items:
-Kellogg's Cereals 11.2-20 oz. of select varieties: Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks, Cocoa Krispies & Smacks.
-Kellogg's Nutri-grain bars
-Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats
-Kellogg's Pop*Tarts 12 ct.
-Sunshine Cheez-Its
-Keebler Fudge Shoppe or EL Fudge Cookies
-Keebler Town House Crackers
-Keebler Club, Toasteds or Wheatables Crackers

The only Kellogg's newspaper coupons I see available for this deal are:
-$0.70 off any one Kellogg's cereal 
-$1 off any two Kellogg's Pop-Tarts
-& from this week's paper: $1 off any two Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats

Here are the printables I see available for this deal:
-$1 off any two Frosted Flakes here (Click the link. Then find a field on the map that's been nominated. A window will pop up and click where it says "see more info." Another window will pop up about that field. Click on "support this field" and another window will pop up. Enter in the code (you will need to click in the area right above the submit button) and then a window will pop up for you to print the coupon).  You can print that coupon twice.

There is also a Heinz products deal this week where you will receive coupons good for $ off your next shopping order when you:
-Buy $10 in products, get a $3 off coupon.
-Buy $20 in products, get a $7 off coupon.
-Buy $30, get a $12 off, and on. (Every $10 spent adds another $4 off)

The participating products are:
Smart Ones, Bagel Bites, Heinz Poppers, Ore-Ida potatoes, TGIFriday's skillet meals and appetizers, Classico Pasta sauce and Heinz ketchup.

The only coupon I see available for this deal:

Non-coupon deals:

-Acme 8 oz. chunk cheeses are on sale for $1 and 8 oz. shredded cheese are on sale for $1.50.

-2 Liters of Pepsi soft drinks, Sprite, Seagrams, Nestea and Barq's are on sale for $1

-1 lb. packages of fresh strawberries are buy one get one free at $3.99.

Printable coupon deals:

-Healthy Ones Lunchmeat tubs are on sale for $3.  Sign up here for a $0.55 cents off coupon.  The coupon will double to $1.10, making these $1.90 each.

Newspaper coupon deals:

-Del Monte Fruit Naturals cups are on sale for $1.  There are newspaper coupons for $1 off any "super fruit" variety, which would make it free, and there are $2 off any 4 coupons, making them $0.50 each for 4.

-Tropicana 50 Orange Juice is $2.50 this week.  There is a $1 off coupon in this Sunday's paper that will make these $1.50.

-Bird's Eye Steamfresh are on sale for $1.50 each.  There is a $1 off 3 coupon from a recent insert making 3 of these $1.17 each.

-Pepperidge Farms frozen breads are $2.50 each.  There is a $1 off any two coupon, making 2 of these $2 each.

-NY Garlic Toasts are on sale for $2.99.  There are $0.50 off 1 coupons (will double to $1 off) and $1 off any 2 coupons available.

-Dannon Light & Fit crush cups are $2.  There are $1 off one 6-pack coupons available, making these $1 each.

-Domino organic or demerara sugars are on sale for $2.  There is a $0.30 off coupon from this Sunday's paper that will double to $0.60 off, making these $1.40.

That's all I see so far for this week.  If you have any questions or see anything I missed, please leave it in the comments!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wow!  Since I have been so busy this month, my blogging pace slowed to a crawl.  Here's a long overdue post of freebies for you (including 3 magazine subscriptions).  Enjoy!

This looks like the unreliable kind of sample, but it's worth a try for a free mini bottle of Aveda Black Malva shampoo.

Have a can of Campbell's soup?  Use it to score a free packet of tomato seeds.  While you are there, click the button to donate 50 seeds to FFA's.  Click here for the whole scoop.

These were all mentioned before, but double check Wal-Mart freebies to see if there's anything you would like to request.

Rewards Gold magazine subscriptions are always free and they always come:
Get a free subscription to Elle Decor magazine here (I have to say, I did request this before and I can't stand this magazine.  It goes right in the recycle bin now, because I apparently can't cancel a free magazine. Lol!)

Johnson's Buddies soaps are $0.99 at most local stores, including Target and Walmart.  Check out the links over at Money Saving Mom's post here to print a bunch of $1 off any Johnson's Baby product coupons.  Use them on the Buddies soaps and they are completely free.

I stocked up on these soaps before even though I didn't need them because they are completely free and make great charity donations, either in a Operation Christmas Child shoebox or to your local foodbank/women's shelter.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Right now on, there is a $5 off Huggies Gentle Care coupon and a $3 off Huggies Natural Fit coupon.  You can print these twice each.

There are reports that you can use the $5 off Gentle Care product coupon on wipes as well as diapers, so you could be able to score some very cheap diapers or free wipes with this one!

Be sure to print them now, because when the print limits are reached, they will be gone.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

First, if you are new to working deals at Acme, please read the background info on this post. This will explain how the coupons double & how to print two copies of the printable coupons.

Here is what I see this week:

This post is really slim this week, for some reason I am just not finding any matchups.  I will update it if/as I see anything else.

First, there is a promo running this week where you will get a $10 Catalina (prints at the register) coupon good for your next transaction for purchasing $25 in Kraft or Starkist products.  As usual, this $25 is before coupons, so you should be able to get some decent deals.  Check the back page of the circular for all of the participating items, but to inspire you, and if you are interested, you can read the deal that I am doing at the bottom of this post.  Here are the only printable coupons that I can find to match up for this deal:
-Save $2 on any South Beach Living bars here (seems unlimited) (not sure if the 'living' variety is included in the promo, circular just specifies "snack bars")

Non coupon deals:

Acme frozen waffles are on sale for $1.50 each.

Stouffer's Red Box meals and Lean Cuisines are on sale for $1.88 each.

Red Seedless Grapes are on sale for $0.99 a lb.

Printable coupon deals:

Coffeemate Flavored coffee creamer 16 oz. are on sale for $2.  Use the $1.50 off 1 printable available here to get these for $0.50 each.

This is how I am working the Catalina deal that I mentioned earlier:

Star Kist Chunk White tuna pouches are on sale for $2 each.  There is an avenu printless coupon available for $1.50 off two all varieties of Star Kist tuna (limit 4) (Go here to enter your Supercard # and see what clipless coupons will be loaded right on to your Supercard...these CAN be combined with other coupons!).  I have four $1 off any Star Kist pouch coupons that I received from Vocalpoint a while back.  I also have a 'buy any two Star Kist pouch products, get one free' coupon from a recent insert.  That will have me buying a total of 7 pouches, I will make it 8 to use one more of the avenu printless deals.  The coupons will work like this:
Buy 8 pouches of tuna at $2 each = $16
The avenu coupons will deduct $1.50 for every 2 I purchase = -$6, so far at $10
Use 4 of the save $1 coupons = -$4, now at $6
Use the Get one free coupon = -$2, now at $4 total for 8 pouches of tuna, but I get the credit for $16 worth!

Next, I will buy four packages of Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs on sale at 2 for $5, use two of the 'save $1 on any two 100 Calorie Packs' printable coupon available here, and pay $8 out of pocket, with credit for $10 towards my Catalina deal.

SO...I have 'credit' for purchasing $26 worth of participating products to qualify for my $10 off coupon, but really I have spent $12!  That would make all of that tuna and four boxes of snacks only $2!  Phew!  Are you still reading?  I hate to post a deal that you might not have the coupons for (the $1 off any pouch coupons were only sent to Vocalpoint members a little while back), but I just wanted to show you what I was doing and the extent that you can work these deals.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

If you have been reading this blog since the beginning, then you know that I post the Acme "deals" list every week.  This is what I find to be the best deals of the week, or what specials this week have coupon matchups.  If you are new to this blog or to working deals at Acme, start reading this:

First off, why shop at Acme?
There are a ton of different types of supermarkets in my area and they all have better prices on some items, and higher prices on others.  Most frugal shoppers keep a price book where they record the top items they buy most frequently along with the price at their local stores.  I will be honest and confess that I don't have a real price book.  I have certain standard prices in my head and feel comfortable going off of those (for example, I know Aldi always has a box of instant oatmeal for $1.50.  If I can get instant oatmeal at the store I am shopping that week for that price or better, I will pick it up.  If not, I can wait and pick some up next time I go to Aldi).

Though Acme certainly does not have the best prices on most items, I find that the deals I am able to pick up there make it well worth it for me to shop there.  Why?  Because Acme has *the best* coupon doubling policy in my area. While most NJ stores will double the value of a coupon up to $1 (a $0.75 cent coupon would max out at $1), Acme will double the value of any coupons under $1. So if you have a $0.99 cent coupon it will be doubled to $1.98 off. This extra savings can make all the difference.  Also, Acme currently accepts internet printable coupons.  Superfresh will not accept them at all, and Shoprite will only accept those at a value of $1 or lower.  This is another store 'dealbreaker' for me.

An important thing to know for Acme sales:
When Acme has items on quantity sale (such as 2 for $4), you do not need to buy that quantity to get the sale price! Only if they specify “MUST buy two” for example, which is rare! 

Now that you want to shop at Acme, know this about printable coupons:
When you print online coupons you may need to install some software. It is mandatory, but very quick. Also, there is usually a print limit of two coupons to be printed per computer. If you would like to print two of a certain coupon, hit the back button a few times after the coupon prints for it to print again. This will print another unique coupon that you can use.  You cannot make copies of internet coupons, as they have unique barcode information.  You can try to print as many times as you like using the back button method, but usually the software will recognize the print limit and you only get two coupons per computer.

If you have any questions about how to work deals at Acme, please feel free to ask me and I will answer you the best I can!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh yeah, I guess I should say that if you don't want to know what happens in this episode, stop reading!

After last week's super action-packed episode, I should have known that none would compare for me.  This just seemed like more of a filler episode.  I know they have to fill us in on a bit, but I would have liked a bit more cool stuff and/or action.  There were a few good moments, but I wasn't really feeling the 1970's without fun appearances by Pierre Chang or Ben and Roger Linus (Roger Linus is Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite ;) .  Here are my little points from tonight:

-The Egyptian statue...very cool.  Thanks for throwing that in there for us...I just wish we could have been in that timeline longer.
-Three years?!  Ugh...I was hoping that our 'lefties' didn't have to go through three whole years like the O6.  I guess the upside of that is Jin gets plenty of time to perfect his English.
-Where the heck is young Ben?  This is obviously pre-purge, so I thought it would have been really rad to see him.  Guess they are saving that?  How will it work with "now" Ben coming back to the island on 316 still in this timeline?
-Women always deliver on the mainland?  Why?  There seemed to be no problem with Amy's little boy, so why did the women always go off island?  Maybe there was just something special about this one...
-Does the Dharma Initiative love to serve milk or what?  Sawyer's being interrogated and he's drinking milk.  His 'people' are chatting out at the picnic table and drinking milk.  Why not some Dharma brand beverages? ;)
-Daniel seeing little sweet!  You can't help but feel sorry for poor little Charlotte, but I'm sure she's not really dead anyway.
-Richard Alpert!!  He makes my night.  I just love seeing him, and my personal theory is that he's an angel.  Yes, I know that it's complicated and I don't really have a very cohesive theory, but that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.  The "hostiles" are angels guarding the Garden of Eden.  Ok, feel free to think I'm a flake.  Anyhoo, I LOVED Sawyer's line "Your buddy out there with the eyeliner"...that for me was the line of the night.  (And by the way, I've looked it up, and Nestor Carbonell does not wear eyeliner.  He is just blessed with an unusually dark lash line.)
-Richard not knowing anything about Sawyer yet.  I love it!
-Sawyer and Juliet?  Jeesh.  But I think that this actually makes a good pair, because both Kate and Jack are so dysfunctional.  Let these two troubled souls finally find a little relationship happiness.  Did anyone else think that when Juliet was making dinner she looked a little pregnant?  I know this is the peasant-toppy 70's, but her belly looked suspicious.  I have to check her out in the previous scenes (like when she was under the van).
-But Sawyer's little speech about 3 years being plenty of time to forget someone...was he just being nice to Horace?  Or could he really be over Kate?  I sure hope he is!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Here are all of my money-saving online resources in one place. These are websites I use for printable coupons, online shopping coupon codes, and other related information for helping you save some money!

Printable coupon sites:
Smart Source
Red Plum
Generals Mills sites with printable coupons:
Eat Better America
Box Tops 4 Education
Betty Crocker
SC Johnson cleaning products printables available here

Organic product coupons:
Mambosprouts organic product coupon generator
Delicious Living magazine offers printables here
Check out a compiled list of where else to find coupons for organics here (at the Affluent Pauper)

Store coupon sites:

Target store coupons - Use the Target coupon generator at A Full Cup (remember, Target store coupons CAN be combined with a manufacturer coupon)
Riteaid store coupons - Register for their website here and you will instantly get $50 in RiteAid printable coupons, including a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon.
Other printable store coupons - Check out Coupon Cabin before you go shopping for printable store coupons for Dicks, Ulta, and many more.

Online shopping coupon codes sites:

Retailmenot - type in the website you would like to shop from and see if there are any coupon codes you can use.
Shop with eBates to receive cash rebates for your purchases. Sign up here to get a $5 bonus. You can also combine your eBates with other coupon codes (they provide some for you, or you can check Retailmenot first). They send out checks every quarter.

Saving money when going out to eat:

Be sure to read my articles here and here for how to get coupons to your favorite restaurants in your email. always has a discount code available for gift certificates. Check her site for the current code, towards the end of the month you can pay only $2 for a $25 gift certificate!

Blogs I recommend for money-saving articles and advice:

The Simple Dollar
Money Saving Mom

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Every week something comes up where I don't make one or two of the meals that I've planned. This week was no different! From last week's menu plan we had the chicken tortilla soup (yummy as usual), the cheesy chicken manicotti which was pretty good (it would have been better if I didn't use canned chicken, but hey I wanted to use it up!), and the salmon filets. I have to say that the star of the week was the salmon. I just put olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, and some fish seasoning crumbs on them and they came out great. I had enough for my Mom to eat dinner at my house, and she said they were like something from a restaurant. Seriously, I can never make fish and those turned out so well, I'm thinking I'm going to make them again this week. They're still on sale ;)

On a side note, I had to make a breakfast casserole for a ladies' group I went to, and I made this recipe for Amish Breakfast Casserole, and I think it was really yummy. I guess a lot of cheese and potatoes will do that to a meal, but really I wanted to recommend it in case you ever need to make something for a breakfast/brunch gathering. The cottage cheese is totally hidden and keeps the eggs really moist and soft.

Monday- Last week I had bought everything I needed for the Rachael Ray Drunken Tuscan Pasta recipe (and I have to say it was so ridiculously expensive. Once I try it I will need to substitute some things, because I seriously must have paid close to $20 for this one meal, um, Yikes!!) and I never had the chance to make it yet, so this is first on my list.

Tuesday- I have some ham and some canned asparagus (which my husband will not eat, unless it is cooked in something) so I am going to try this recipe for Asparagus and Ham Casserole. I also have a bunch of rice, so this uses all things I already have tons of.

Wednesday- The baked salmon again! It was a winner and it's still on sale at Acme this week.

Thursday- I had reviewed the Bruschetta Chicken Bake recipe before here. It's another one of our "tried and true" favorites.

Friday- Leftovers

Saturday- Out! For my brother's birthday, happy birthday Eric!! :)

Sunday- Italian Pasta Bake from Kraft food and family. It wouldn't be me if I didn't use one of their recipes, right?

Check out the other menu plans at Menu Plan Monday!

First, if you are new to working deals at Acme, please read the background info on one of my earlier deals posts. This will explain how the coupons double & how to print two copies of the printable coupons.

Here is what I see this week:

First, there is a Catalina coupon deal where you purchase $20 in participating P&G and/or Pepsi products in one transaction and you get a coupon for $5 off your next transaction. Since P&G puts out its own coupon circular every month, there are a ton of possible matchups here if there are items you need. None are particularly thrilling, but if you are purchasing these items anyway, it is worth taking a look at the participating products and you can qualify by spending $20 before coupons.

Non-coupon deals:

Thomas' English Muffins twin-packs are on sale for $1.99 each.

Mann's bagged vegetables (like Broccoli Wokly) are on sale for 2 for $5.

Select varieties of Barilla whole grain pasta are on sale for $1.

2 lb. bags of Arctic Shores frozen raw shrimp are on sale for $9 with the in-ad coupon on the front page of the circular.

16 oz. packages of fresh strawberries are buy one get one free.

Fresh Express salad blends are buy one get one free.

Printable coupon deals:

Juicy Juice 64 oz. bottles are on sale buy one get one free this week. Pick up two bottles, use the $1 off two printable available here and get two bottles for $3.29 max. (it may be even lower), that's $1.65 each.

Cabot chunk cheese is on sale for $2.50. Use the $0.30 off printable coupon here (it will double to $0.60 off) to get it for $1.90 each.

Lysol cleaning products are on sale for $1.99 each. There are $1 off & $0.50 off (that will double to $1) coupons available here (you may need to register to print them) making them $1 each.

Slim-Fast ready to drink shakes are on sale for $6. There is a $3 off 2 printable coupon available here, that would make these $4.50 each.

Newspaper coupon deals:

Kellogg's cereals, straws, 8-ct Pop Tarts, fruit snacks and Yogos are on sale for $1.25 each (cereals are select varieties). You must buy four to get the $1.25 price, more or less will be $1.67 each. There are Kellogg's coupons from last Sunday's paper (not today's) for $1 off any 2 Pop Tarts, $1 off any 2 fruit snacks, $0.70 off any one Kellogg's cereal and $1 off certain varieties of cereal. If you were to purchase two boxes of cereal and either 2 Pop Tarts or 2 fruit snacks, this would be your breakdown. The first box of cereal is $1.25, the $0.70 off coupon will double to $1.40 off, making it free, plus giving you $0.15 overage. Use the $1 off coupon for the second box of cereal at $1.25 and it would be $0.25, minus the $0.15 overage from the other box, will be $0.10. Buy two boxes of your choice of fruit snacks or Pop Tarts at $2.50, use the corresponding $1 off coupon, and spend $1.60 for two boxes of cereal and two boxes of Pop Tarts or fruit snacks.

Hillshire Farm smoked sausage or Kielbasa are on sale buy one get one free with a max. price of $4.99 (identical item only). Use the $1 off 2 coupon from a recent insert to get two packages for up to $3.99 (may be less depending on the actual cost of which item you choose).

Purdue cooked or breaded frozen chicken bags are on sale for $5.99. Use the $1 off one coupon from a recent insert to get a 28-34 oz. bag for $4.99.

That's all I can see for now. If you have anything to add, please leave it in the comments ;)