Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First off, let me say: cease and desist from reading this post if you are not caught up on Lost. I don't want to spoil you, so you've been warned! :)

I don't know if I can put together a recap in any kind of logical order, as 1. It was our first new Lost long? Not sure if my brain is back to thinking at Lost-level, 2. I'm trying to get my house & packing in order for Blissdom which is just a DAY away pretty much, and 3. I have some type of wicked sinus infection that is working against me. Well anyway, here goes:

- Now we know that Juliet didn't really set off the bomb, it was just a time flash that moved them all forward in time. So how did Juliet (or Miles) get the idea that everything is "right"? I believe it, but that was extra confusing to me.

- I think the "new" plane sequence is really what happens after whatever on-island struggle is completed. I do think that what we're seeing is the end (or the beginning of the end) with everyone alive. That would make for some awesome sequel opportunity, no?

- If that last statement of mine is true, then I'm perfectly fine with Desmond being on the plane. He's on the plane just by 'chance' because he's not down in the hatch pushing a button. (Randomosity: how cheeseball were the graphics of the island underwater? Lost has cheaped us out on some underwater graphics before, I wonder why they can't seem to show them without making them cheesy) Anyway, the only thing that threw a wrench into my being at peace with Desmond on the place is that Jack never saw him leave. True, he might have slipped back up to a seat in first class, but the way they left his appearance mysterious is nagging at me. I also didn't like how he didn't recognize Jack at all. When Jack blows up the hatch, the first thing Desmond says is "You!" and recognizes him on sight. Hmm...

-What was the cut on Jack's neck? I don't know if a screencap is up yet, but it looked kind of like a dart hole (like The Other's crazy blow darts).

-When "Pilot Norris" landed the plane, it was weird to me. I kind of wanted to hear that it was Lapidus who flew 815 this time.

-I cannot claim original ownership of this, because I am just not that smart, but I read on a message board that Sayid coming to life was Jacob inhabiting his body. Duh, that seems so right on. Just the way Alpert was blown away by seeing Locke come back alive, the Templies (you heard it here first, lol) were shocked at Sayid's resurrection. I love it!

-Speaking of Templies I really liked the kick-ass Japanese guy. Just sayin'.

-I am so impressed with all the fans that "got" that Jacob's dark-haired nemesis really was the Smoke Monster. That scene was fascinating!  Love when he says "I'm sorry you had to see me like that" =)  Where do you think his "home" is?  I want to say the Temple, but I don't know if it could be that "easy"?

I'm sure I could ramble on for way longer, but I'm going to go check more message boards. My favorite part of the night:

Jack saying "Nothing is irreversible" to Locke. It just blew me away. It was awesome to hear Jack have some faith again & the thought that he could possibly help Locke from being wheelchair bound in the (hopefully, future) real world was awesome.

I'd love-love-love to hear your comments! & leave me your link if you have a Lost post!


Mel said...

OK, my confusion over Jacob taking over Syed's body would be...Jacob's message said that the templies?? better save Syed. Why wouldn't he he just want Syed to die if he wanted to inhabit his body? Or was it that he wanted him in better shape (whatever that dirty spring did to him) in order to take over his body.
Should be interestin to see how the season plays out. It is just crazy to see the plane scene carry out if they hadn't crashed vs. them still being at the island. AND if the plane NOT crashing is supposed to be the end of whatever they're doing, then why does Juliet say that it worked?
Confusing as usual!

The Penny-Pinching Mama said...

I do think that bomb went off, because the island is shown underwater and she said it worked (from beyond the grave). I think things sortof flashed around though and somehow they don't see the effects - I don't know.

Come link up!

pearceartofpersonalessay said...

I think that Juliet has the sepereate timeline like everyone else, but since she was so close to the blast she gained more insight and died on the island. (If you die in the Matrix, do you die here?). Miles could sort of always talk to dead people. I think the magnitism from the island anyway causes him to do this. Is he the only child to be born on the island?

Desmond had to be on the plane to take the place of Shannon. And none of them met in this timeline. Remember Desmond and Jack met at the stadium, but he said "see you in another life." Maybe he mean this one. Maybe we just didn't see Walt/Michael/Claire, but the producers said it wasn't a coincidence they weren't there. I didn't catch what he said to Jack though. Was it the "see you in another life" comment he made at the stadium? Notice the opposites (black/white if you will). Jack was a nervous flyer/Rose was clam. Sawyer was polite. Hurley was lucky. Shannon stayed with her bf. Cindy only gave Jack one bottle of vodka, which he spilled. Kate took Jack's pen, which he needed for Charlie. Jack didn't have a pen on island for Rose either, so he sent Boone to look for one (ok ok and to get rid of Boone too lol).

I thought Jack got cut shaving for the funeral haha, but they don't let razors on planes. Where is Christian? In this timeline he still died in Sydney, but why didn't he get on the plane?

Lapidus couldn't be the pilot, he was supposed to but the other pilot (don't recall his name) took his place at the last minute. Whatever happened happened, says Faraday, so I don't know what caused the course correction there.

I'm not conviced Jacob is good. In the Bible, Satan can't kill Christ (did we all see the symbolism with Sayid?), but he got osmeone else to do it. Same with the Man in Black. I wonder if it works too ways. Jacob needed to be someone else to fight back. And now we know that ash-y stuff outside his cabin was to keep the MiB out because....ta-da....MiB is the SMOKE MONSTER!!! I think MiB is the security system for the island and wants no one else there, period, but can only attack if provoked. And Richard is clearly in on all this! He's a card carrying member of the No Aging Club!

Do we think Christian AND the knives being gone are a coincidence? Does Jack still have his God complex with "nothing is irreversable"?

I want to know why Sayid, who is now probably Jacob, didn't know what was going on....

the J in PJs Til Noon said...

Yeah, I have to brag. When Miles said "Huh. Nevermind." in the temple, I was thinking Sayid wasn't dead because Miles couldn't hear him.
Yay Sayid being alive, or housing Jacob, whatever.
I have missed this addled, confused feeling I get on a weekly basis for the last 6 months.