Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I know there will be a lot of haters on this episode, but filler episodes have their place.  And while this one segued us into where the Oceanic 6 are, there were a few cool moments.  My faves:

-Frank and Sun.  What an odd pair, but it works for me.  I have to say Frank's super-expert landing of the plane was just fabulous.  I have a bit of a crush on Frank, feel free to laugh, so I'm glad he's getting some airtime.

-The baby Ethan reveal.  It was cool to see Juliet overwhelmed holding the baby she knows will eventually be killed, yikes!

-The hilarity of Jack's work assignment.  Upon watching the episode a second time (my husband had to watch it late, I'm not really that much of a nerd, lol) I caught Sawyer say that he had taken care of the work assignments.  When Jack hears that he's a janitor based on his profiency tests, it is classic Sawyer and Jack bickering.

-Sawyer getting his moment to tell Jack to lean back and let him continue to do his work.  In three years, Sawyer's worked his way up to being the most trusted and respected Dharma employee, why would drug-addicted, alcoholic Jack really think he was more capable of calling shots.  Go Sawyer!  Love to see him reading with his glasses still.

-Creepy Christian hanging out the in the shed, with the smoke monster(?!) in the background.  What kind of journey does Sun have to go on?  Can't believe Smokey was just hanging out in the background pretty quietly.

-The little actor who plays young Ben.  He is spot-on.

Finally, one question.  Where did Faraday go?  So that leaves next week.  Hate to imagine they are all turning on each other, but we'll see.  And please, leave Sawyer and Juliet alone! ;)


~*Michelle*~ said...

Hi there, my Lostie friend!

I think we are on the same wavelength with this episode.....I also think there is something Lapidis...too funny.

and double EEK on the Ethan baby thing. *shudder* He seriously creeped me out.

I did a little recap over in my world if you feel like popping over and leaving your link too!



Sarah Eliza said...

In-ter-est-ing... I didn't remember Sawyer taking credit for the work assignments, so I figured Juliet was responsible for that one too, having been in charge of the paperwork. Nice catch there!

I also *totally* agree with you that Sawyer has turned into the man with great strength of character. I think it's at least partially Juliet's influence on him... Love them together!

Also didn't realize that that fog was the smoke monster.... WEIRD!! Personally, with Christian hanging around so much I'm really hoping for a Claire reappearance soon. That loose storyline bothers me more than any of them for some reason...

Sarah Eliza said...

PS Following you now! :)