Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What was most disappointing about tonight's Lost?  That my dvr missed the first 8 minutes. Ugh!  We were out tonight and I had a sneaking suspicion that my unreliable dvr was going to mess up the Lost taping the one night I wasn't home to watch from the beginning.  And of course, it did!

Once I started watching the episode it was pretty solid.  There were none of my favorite elements in this episode (Richard Alpert, dead Losties, smoke monster, etc.) but it was ok for me.  My points:

-I got a chuckle out of hearing Ben say "Mission Accomplished" to Sayid after the last hit.  It just reminded me of George W. Bush...there is no way Sayid's mission is anywhere near accomplished.

-There were a few little Lost-cutesy things like Sayid drinking McCutcheon.  It was great to see how Sayid made it on the 316 plane.  Ben sure gets what he wants & Ilana is a much better character for me!

-People are down on Amy, but I think I would have reacted the same way to a "hostile" in their camp.  This doesn't mean I like Amy, but I'm just saying that I agree with her motherly instincts.  I still find her pretty annoying.

-Ann Arbor?  What's in Ann Arbor, Alvar Hanso?  It was weird to hear the Dharma's mention their higher ups.

-I'm tired of the relationship quadrangle.  The scenes with Kate just made me tired of it all.  Can't you all move on from your super-shallow relationships with Kate and worry about the major crisises at stake?

-Apparently there is some flaming VW bus reference with Back to the Future I don't get.  My brother tried spoiling me on the end of the show when I was a few minutes behind.  Not cool Eric! ;)

-And of course, Sayid shooting little Ben!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!! YES, Ben is a terrible weasel-child, and YES, he will grow up to be a very evil man(?), but how could Sayid kill a poor little boy who is abused by his father and just wants to escape his miserable island life?  I am not sure that anything the Losties are doing now will really affect the "future" or the island in our current time.  If it did, and things like the purge never even happened, Alex stays with Rousseau, etc. my mind would explode and it would take me years to process this.  So that is all I have to say about that!

And my favorite line of the night? When Sayid tells Sawyer that a "12 year old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich.  How do you think I'm doing?!"


Mel said...

I still want to know why Ben was all beat up when he got on the plane! We haven't found that out yet right? But I'm glad Ben was killed! I would think it would have to effect the real "now". Can't wait till next week! Hopefully we'll see more of Locke!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Hi Bay!

Love your recap!

@ thoughts as to why Ben was all banged up was maybe in his attempt to "tie up loose ends" or however he referred to it....Ben promised Whidmore that he would kill his daughter (Penny). When he made that phone call, he was at a dock of some sort....Penny/Boat.

I think young Ben sent the bus a distraction to get Sayid out.

I am hoping that Jin was just knocked out too, btw....that whole chick neck snapping hit too close to home, huh? EEK!

Pop on by in my world if you feel like more LOST talk!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

All of your favorite elements are mine too... I think that's why I was kind of dissatisfied with this episode. And I can understand Amy's motivation, but to want to kill him? Totally unjustified at the time (though after shooting young Ben, it will look totally justified lol) -- I was frustrated that the other Dharma-ites were swayed by her.

It would totally blow my mind if it effects the future so that the purge, etc, never happens... I guess we'll just have to wait and see. :P