Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If you haven't seen this episode yet, don't read anymore or you will be terribly spoiled!

Halfway through this episode I looked up at the clock thinking it was almost over.  When I saw it was only 9:30 I couldn't believe how much was already happening.

I wasn't disappointed by much in this episode, but I would like a quick peek at Frank and the Shadow of the Statue people, ok?  At least we'll see them in the finale :)

Ok, so here's my little recap:

-Richard Alpert carried that compass in his pocket for three years? lol...I just don't get how little he knows about some goings on.  You would think that he knows where Locke is for three years, etc.  Does he really just take orders?

-Sawyer and Juliet were SO satisfying in this episode.  When creepy, terrible Phil hit Juliet, there's no doubt that Sawyer will personally kill him.  I was cringing with terror that Sawyer was NOT going to get on the sub with Juliet, which would have just killed me.  Poor Juliet has been through so much so it is good to see Sawyer stick with her "whatever happens".  Too bad my least favorite person, Kate, had to crash the party, ugh!

-I also cringe when Locke says things like "Aren't I the leader now?" It's like cringe-cringe-cringe, Locke!!  Maybe Richard knows something more than you do about Jacob!

-The scene with Locke and himself...?!?!?  Ugh!  The time thing is so frustrating if Locke didn't already know try to get the O6 back and then die, how could he be there to have Richard help him and tell him that?!  I know, I know, but it is getting so frustrating.  Right after Ben's line "this must be quite the out of body experience" did you see a little bit of Smoke Monster when the injured Locke disappeared??  I rewound and paused but couldn't tell if it was Smokey or just from Alpert's torch.

-I loved the Pierre Chang and Hurley scene...if he spouted those questions at me, I would definitely not have been able to answer them just like Hugo.  I also loved some of those classic Lost little ironic moments like Alpert telling Jack and Kate that "love can be complicated".

-I like the new Jack.  The Jack that has some type of hope and sounds like Locke.  I think his character is finally turning the corner of this funk he's been in.

-Oh gosh!  How heartbreaking was the scene with Miles watching his father "abandon" his mother?  I kind of wished the scene was a little longer, but again we were moving at a crazy fast pace tonight.  Maybe there are more of these "horrible" parents who are doing things for reasons unknown to their children.

-Why did Richard look so visibly disturbed when they swam up into the temple?  It was almost as if he was looking at something on the wall that made him feel really uneasy?  Also, when Ben tells Richard that was why he tried to kill Locke, Richard looked at Ben in a way that creeped me out.  Almost as if Richard kind of thinks Ben should try again?

-Ok, the big one...Locke wants to -kill- Jacob??  I don't think it can be as sinister as it sounds.  Locke was the only one who has seen Jacob lately (in the chair in the cabin, remember?) and Jacob said to Locke "help me".  I think that Locke is either saying that he wants to kill Jacob to fool Ben, or because killing him would actually help him in some way (free him to be the way Locke is now?)...I know it doesn't make too much sense, but that's my little theory.

So next week is the finale and I do not want this season to end (as usual).  It looks like Sawyer, Juliet and Kate don't make it to the "real world" and we are in for an action packed 2 hours....Can't wait!  Please let me know what you think in the comments :D

Oh and can I ask why the computer-generated submarine launch looked so horribly cheesy?  I mean really!!  This is a top-rated show, do a better job here people!


Ter said...

I love the show! I thought for sure Jack was going to save Daniel... (well, he did try!)

other than that disappointment, it was a good episode!

~*Michelle*~ said...

I am right there with you about Richard surely should know more than he appears to at this point. Geez, he's been around long enough!

I thought Sawyer was going to close the sub hatch (for the good of Juliet's future) I was thrilled that he murmured Good Riddens.....all to have Freckles bust in and be the third wheel! Poor Juliet just can't catch a break, can she?

The whole simultaneous timeline is throwing me for a LOOP!

I tossed a few ideas down on my always have great insight, make sure you pop over!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Hey BTW! My MIL told me that my Belli package showed up at her house and I am going to get it this weekend! Thanks so much for a great prize on your giveaway.

I plan on holding onto it in hopes that I get pregnant soon......if not, we just found out my SIL is pregnant so I can give it as a great gift. (I am hoping I get to use it though *wink)

thanks again.....

Diane said...

Richard had that compass much longer than three years, I think. When Locke was a boy, Richard came to his house and set some objects in front of him, asking if he had seen any of it before. Little John picked out the compass and said it was his. So...Richard got it from Locke in Richard's past, when Big John traveled back in time to a point before Little John existed...

Gosh, my head hurts.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Right there with you regarding Sawyer and Juliet! I loved how deep their relationship seemed, and was really bummed when Kate dropped into the sub... And the exchange between Hugo and Dr. Chang really was great.

Regarding the "loop" Jacob might be stuck in -- nice thought! We've seen loops before, so that would make sense... I had kind of the same idea in my post, but didn't tie it together with that last bit. I talked a bit about where Locke's uncanny sense of direction is coming from too... Let me know what you think! ;)

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

I'm way hoping to get some backstory on Jacob sometime. I do think Locke is more "one with the island" now, and he knows what he's doing. I didn't exactly dig that he told Ben he lied to Sun, but I think he's right in that he has a purpose now. Can't wait to find out what it is.