Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I feel like all I said tonight was OMG...Oh my gosh this, I can't believe that, OMG I'm wondering how I'm even going to put together a coherent recap post.

There was so much action-packed stuff in this episode I feel like this kind of jumps around and is a bit incoherent.  But I'm talking about Lost, so it is to be expected, right? :)

-At the beginning when we first meet Jacob, the strange cool-hatred between the two mirrored the scene with Ben & Whidmore.   When the mystery man and Jacob had the discussion about all of the people fighting on the island in the past, it is the Black Rock (presumably) that we see out in the water.  So who knows how long this fighting has been going on.  Could it really end now with our Lostie crew in the mix?  It seems like something that might never end.

-Not to toot my own horn or anything ;) but I so called what was in the box and I'm a little bit proud of it.  I think it was last week that I first got the idea that it was the real Locke's body (which I guess wasn't too much of a stretch, since the box was a perfect coffin size, but hey) and then this week I did manage to reply to someone on Twitter early in this ep. that I was sure that it was the real John Locke's lifeless body still inside.  I just can't doubt Richard Alpert when he says that it's never happened before.  You know that man has seen a lot!  So when we found that out, I was pretty pleased. ;)

-Vincent, Rose & was cute to see them, but their scene with the touching little music was a little over the top.  It was sweet to hear the "being together is all that matters in the end" message, but it obviously didn't really sink in for Juliet.  I was so frustrated with her giving Sawyer pretty much her parents' divorce speech.  

-After Locke fell from the window, it looked like Locke was dead before Jacob touched him.  I know there has to be some significance into Jacob touching/handing things to all of our Losties, but I just don't know what it could be.  And I felt like Jacob was really just helping all of our Losties on their way, but what was with him being directly responsible for Nadia's death?  Granted this is the one event that Jacob seems to be at after the O6 left the island, but it seems out of place that he be involved in something tragic.

-Where does Ilana fit into the whole Jacob and mystery man fued?  It seems like she's another Alpert in that she's been around for a while and doesn't seem to age.  I think this because when Jacob visits her in the hospital they clearly recognize each other from the past and she sure knew her way around the island, cabin, etc.  This show brings up so many questions when you get one little answer, why was Ilana in the hospital in the first place?  Is Whidmore after her and the rest of those that follow Jacob?  It seems as if Ben was following Jacob's orders and having Sayid go after Whidmore's people, I am presuming that Whidmore is also doing the same and is perhaps following the orders of the dark haired mystery man?  Did that make any sense at all?

-I have to admit that the "incident" scene was pretty thrilling.  I was waiting for Pierre Chang to lose his hand, but I was pretty darn sad when Juliet was sucked in.  I just wanted SOMEONE OTHER THAN KATE to be there with Sawyer while he was trying to help Juliet.  It is just crappy that Kate manages to throw herself into everything involving poor Juliet, that even in her death scene Juliet has to see Kate in the background of Sawyer.

-Do you think that Jacob knew what was going to happen to him at the end?  He seemed like such a sitting duck, and he must have known something major was up with two people busting into his 'home' like that.  He could have been a little nicer to Ben instead of looking like he'd rather die than say something nice to Ben.  It seemed to me like he thought that it was inevitable.  I read on a message board that the 'incident' just about to happen could have saved Jacob's life and that perhaps it really was Jack's destiny to go back and see Faraday's plan through.  That makes my mind hurt, but maybe the white flash at the end of the episode does suggest that perhaps there is one more time flash to end it all and bring everyone into the same timeline?  Jacob says that 'they're coming' he must mean Jack and the rest of our crew.

-Ok, I feel like I could go on and on with things, and I'm getting super tired and will need to think about it some more, but is the dark-haired mystery man (who some are calling Esau, to imply that he is Jacob's brother and this is some sort of biblically epic struggle) the Smoke Monster?  It would make sense that he is (or is in control of) the Smoke Monster and goes around the island deceiving and destroying while Jacob can go off island and use Richard and the others.  So when Alex appeared to Ben in the temple, it was really just a manifestation of the Smoke Monster, telling him to do everything Locke says, because they are all in it against Jacob?  Again, that kind of made no sense, but I'm going to think about it some more.

Please let me know your thoughts, or send me the link to yours so I can read them!  And if you read all of my post you are just as crazy about Lost as I am ;)


Mel said...

Yay! I watched it on time last night!
First of all...Jacob can bring Locke back to life and make Richard Alpert not age... but all it takes is two stabs with a knife to kill him? Seriously?
And about Jacob being responsible for Nadia's death...I'm assuming she had to die to get Syed to come to the Island.
Touching on Juliet dying and another "seriously" part...You're going to tell me that Juliet fell down that hole and all of that stuff came in after he and she was really alive to smash the bomb. I think that could have been written a little better.
Love the episode. Can't wait for the "final season"!

kelly said...

I read your whole post and yes I am a crazy lost fan. I missed some of the show but plan to watch it on the computer later today.But man oh man the parts that I did see where edge of chair good..

Mel said...

OOOO...and from what I've read...when Ilana asked Richard "what lies in the shadow of the statue?"...his Latin response translated into "He who will save us all".

Mel said...

I have all kinds of comments today! So if this is a biblical thing going on...does this make Jacob like Jesus? Dying to save His people?

kisatrtle said...

I totally understood your entire post so either we are both LOST fanatics or our minds work alike. Either recap is up and I think I'm really going to struggle to wait six long months for the final season to begin!

~*Michelle*~ said...

EEK! OK, my recap is finally up.....BLOGGER was giving me a hard time all morning. Not to mention my head has been spinning since last night.

There is a total Bible reference carried throughout LOST.....and not just because I am a Jesus Freak, lol.

LOVED talking LOST with you all this season, my friend.....let's def. stay in touch all summer.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Great thoughts! I'm thinking now though that Jacob wasn't actually *helping* the Losties so much as acting in whatever way was necessary to bring them to the island... for example, encouraging/letting Kate's delinquency slide wasn't helping her so much as cementing character traits that led her to being taken on that plane in handcuffs...

I agree that the white flash signifies another time-jump here's hoping that they are indeed headed back to the proper time! I love your point that Jacob might have been referring to the Dharma-Losties... that would make a lot of sense.

Check out my post when you have time! I'd love to hear your thoughts :)