Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A friend passed along a couple of deals for Six Flags that I wanted to share.  Six Flags is offering a new "Big Six Pass" for $49.99 a person that will allow you entry any 6 times now through November 1st.  If you are interested in going to the park more than once this summer, but not more than 6 times, this will save you $50 a person instead of purchasing a season pass!  Check out the ticket price website here for more information.

Even better, if you participate in Six Flags'  fundraiser to cure childhood cancer, A Walk in the Park, and raise $50 for the great cause you get a free park ticket.  Check out the website here if you are interested in the fundraiser (hurry, the walk for Great Adventure is June 14th!)

Thanks to Yukline for sending me this!


Eric said...

Six Flags is in trouble.


Bay said...

Thanks for the link Eric, that's a shame. I'm actually more likely to go after reading that, glad to hear that they cleaned the place up a bit. I remember it being such a teenage mess last time I went.