Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well you already know I'm always behind on my blog posts, but I just had to put this up...eventually! Two weeks ago (actually it was the same day as my Mrs. G's blogger event with Electrolux) I went all the way up to NYC for a super-fun event hosted by Aiming Low & Hp.

I love reading the girls' posts over at Aiming Low not only because they are very funny, but also because they give me the ever needed reminder that it's perfectly ok to be not-perfect. (Would it have been super corny to write "perfekt", yes. So I didn't, but I thought about it!)

Since I normally don't travel 10 miles outside of "my zone" I had to drag one of my dear girlfriends to come with me. It was quite an adventure for me and Blaire since this involved actually taking mass transit.  On our train was a costumed (I hope) guy dressed completely as Christian Bale in American Psycho: full business suit, clear poncho *covered* in blood (his face was also covered), and he was carrying a briefcase and some type of weapon (was it a chainsaw or an axe? We couldn't really tell).  Anyway, since Halloween was quite a few days away we were a little extra spooked about the dangers of NYC!

We made it off the train and hopped in a cab to the hotel.  While we were there, we got some free food, free drinks, met some really cool people 'in real life' & ogled products from Hp, in that order.  Here's me and Blaire at our table (You already know I take horrible pictures, but the horrible-ness of these is because they are from my phone)

Oh yeah, I had no time to put makeup on.  Thought that might make me fit in with others who Aim Low, but of course I ran into Sophia's Mom from The Wannabe Wahm and she was adorable:

She was so cute, you have to read her post on going to Aiming Low since it is so much more coherent than mine.  I love how she said that I look 12 (because that's how I feel) and that I promised her a picture and never delivered...because who doesn't like to be called out on their ineptitude? (*Kidding!* I did send it to her, just really late.)

We all went pretty crazy playing with the Hp photo printers, among other things (like laptops, which I didn't even realize Hp made).  Aiming Low was kind enough to tell us to bring a jump drive of photos so as I was printing out pictures of my little Rayna and swooning over them, an eager cameraman captured my really-strong-martini-induced plug: "THIS IS SO EASY!!! I JUST LOVE IT!!!! THESE ARE AWESOME QUALITY!!!" Sheesh! I hope they don't decide to use that footage, ever.

I also met some other Philly & South Jersey people, and it was super fun to pretend that I was one of the bloggy-rock-stars that were in attendance that night.  Check out me and Lisa from ...just over the river posing like celebs in front of the Hp red carpet-thing.

I had a blast and just wanted to finally share it with you.  Hope you aren't too jealous of my jet-setting lifestyle! ;o)


Sophia's Mom said...! You have be blush saying I was cute! And it took a blog post calling you out for you to send me that pic! :P

By the way, there was a red carpet? where? thankfully the bar was closed when I went to get drink #4 because I would have probably forgotten the entire night even happened!

Bay said...

Well that's true, lol.

It wasn't so much a red carpet as a "red carpet-thing" you know, those photo-op backgrounds?

Oh my gosh, if I had 4 of those drinks I might have even forgotten my *name*. They were stro-ong!

Lisa said...

It was awesome to meet you and Blaire!

Tania said...

Ummmmm!! Where the heck was I Ms. Rockstar! Looked like a great time, let me know when I can swing by for an autograph! eueueueu