Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh yeah, I guess I should say that if you don't want to know what happens in this episode, stop reading!

After last week's super action-packed episode, I should have known that none would compare for me.  This just seemed like more of a filler episode.  I know they have to fill us in on a bit, but I would have liked a bit more cool stuff and/or action.  There were a few good moments, but I wasn't really feeling the 1970's without fun appearances by Pierre Chang or Ben and Roger Linus (Roger Linus is Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite ;) .  Here are my little points from tonight:

-The Egyptian statue...very cool.  Thanks for throwing that in there for us...I just wish we could have been in that timeline longer.
-Three years?!  Ugh...I was hoping that our 'lefties' didn't have to go through three whole years like the O6.  I guess the upside of that is Jin gets plenty of time to perfect his English.
-Where the heck is young Ben?  This is obviously pre-purge, so I thought it would have been really rad to see him.  Guess they are saving that?  How will it work with "now" Ben coming back to the island on 316 still in this timeline?
-Women always deliver on the mainland?  Why?  There seemed to be no problem with Amy's little boy, so why did the women always go off island?  Maybe there was just something special about this one...
-Does the Dharma Initiative love to serve milk or what?  Sawyer's being interrogated and he's drinking milk.  His 'people' are chatting out at the picnic table and drinking milk.  Why not some Dharma brand beverages? ;)
-Daniel seeing little sweet!  You can't help but feel sorry for poor little Charlotte, but I'm sure she's not really dead anyway.
-Richard Alpert!!  He makes my night.  I just love seeing him, and my personal theory is that he's an angel.  Yes, I know that it's complicated and I don't really have a very cohesive theory, but that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.  The "hostiles" are angels guarding the Garden of Eden.  Ok, feel free to think I'm a flake.  Anyhoo, I LOVED Sawyer's line "Your buddy out there with the eyeliner"...that for me was the line of the night.  (And by the way, I've looked it up, and Nestor Carbonell does not wear eyeliner.  He is just blessed with an unusually dark lash line.)
-Richard not knowing anything about Sawyer yet.  I love it!
-Sawyer and Juliet?  Jeesh.  But I think that this actually makes a good pair, because both Kate and Jack are so dysfunctional.  Let these two troubled souls finally find a little relationship happiness.  Did anyone else think that when Juliet was making dinner she looked a little pregnant?  I know this is the peasant-toppy 70's, but her belly looked suspicious.  I have to check her out in the previous scenes (like when she was under the van).
-But Sawyer's little speech about 3 years being plenty of time to forget someone...was he just being nice to Horace?  Or could he really be over Kate?  I sure hope he is!


jen said...

I liked tonight's episode, but then, I'm easily entertained. I'm not sure how I feel about Juliet and Sawyer (still can't call him James), but I don't think I'm digging his whole new look on life. He's too chipper. Or just not mad all the time. That is chipper for him.
Milk. Yes, and where are the cows?

margalit said...

I don't think Juliet looked pregnant, and besides, wouldn't she want to AVOID pregnancy at all costs, knowing that she might die if she got pregnant?

My post is up. I was confused. I have lots of questions, too.

Mel said...

Sawyer is SO not over Kate. He was getting emotional when he was talking about her! I was so mad when that chic with the bag over her head wasn't Kate because that's how they showed it last wekk, but I'm glad they saw each other at the end. It should be interesting to see how it plays out. we know if Ben was born on the Island? I was thinking that the baby that was Born was Ben...I'm not sure if that goes hand in hand with the timeline or not. But yes, last nights episode wasn't blah at best. :)

Bay said...

There's actually quite a few cows on the island...Mikhail was tending a few at his station (where there were also hanging slabs of beef, ew), and both Sayid and Lapidus have stumbled upon a big red one with a bell around her neck...but really, why serve so much milk? ;)

I really don't think Juliet would be pregnant at ALL, but they just give her the most ambiguous look in that scene. It would just be something cool to see Kate get worked up about ;)

Mel, I would really love it if he were over Kate. The show would probably not do that because they love their whole "love quadrangle", but I think it would really rock if Sawyer were totally over Kate and he left her hanging. Kate is not my favorite character by any means. But you have to think Sawyer was with Kate, what, 100 days on the island? And now he's with Juliet for 3 years? I hope he doesn't go drooling after Kate now, that would stink.

Anonymous said...

baby cant be ben, we saw ben as a kid..met his dad and know his mom died giving birth to him..he arrived at the island as a kid..

celina in canada

Sarah Eliza said...

Oooh I disagree a little, I didn't feel like this episode was filler at all -- I felt like it really started to move the plot forward again. And I loved that it was set in the Dharma Initiative! That said, a lot of your observations are just what I was thinking too... still so many questions!! I said just the same thing on my post, about Kate seeming to spread dysfunction. Realllly hoping that Sawyer stays with Juliet, even though I'm sure they'll drag that one out a while.

Glad I stumbled across your site!

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I really loved Juliet and Sawyer together! She brings out a different side in him that we have yet till now to see. Kate can not have two hot guys at once...come on! I hope Sawyer is able to stay "over her" and can commit to being with Juliet. I love Juliet-she is actually one of my favorite characters...she has tried to help so many people and now it's her time to be happy!