Sunday, April 12, 2009

First, if you are new to working deals at Acme, please read the background info on this post. This will explain how the coupons double & how to print two copies of the printable coupons.

Due to the holiday, I'm just going to make a quick overview of the best deals I see for the week.

Non-coupon deals:

Imported blackberries are buy one get one free at $3.99
California strawberries (1lb.) are on sale 2 for $5 (or $2.50 each)
Deer Park Water 24 packs are on sale for $3.99
Acme split chicken breasts are on sale for $1.79 lb.

Printable coupon deals:

Quaker Life cereal (14-15oz. boxes) are on sale for $1.67 each.  There is a $1 off two coupon available from (print it right from the banner here on my page!) making these cereals $1.17 each.

Seapak seafood items are buy one get one free.  Use the $1 off any two items coupon here to get pay for only one item and get $1 off the price.  Prices go up to $8.99, so the most you will pay is $7.99 for two items, making these $4 each or less.

Organic Valley white milk half gallons are priced at $3.99.  There are $1 off coupons available here making these $2.99 a half gallon.

Newspaper coupon deals:

Mentos gum is on sale for $1.  There are $1 off any Mentos gum coupons from a few inserts, making these free this week!

Pillsbury Crescent rolls are on sale for $2 this week.  There are a bunch of coupons from recent inserts, including a $0.35 off one coupon that will double to $0.70, making these $1.40 each.