Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I have to make tonight's recap a quick one, so I'll dive in with my 'thoughts' :)

-Jack not helping Ben! What is his deal? He's a child, and Miles has it so right on, this has already happened. I knew that Sayid wasn't really "altering" anything. He was just creating the Ben he hates so much.
-Kate is such an awful mom (aside from her usual "hey baby, drink your milk." "c'mon baby, color your book" lol). I just can't get over her lame turnover of Aaron. It was just all so selfish to me, I was hoping for something much better. So Sawyer breaking Kate's heart allows Kate to steal a child for a few years, use him as an emotional crutch and then abandon him? Ugh, it just further cements my dislike for her character.
-Crazy chick that found Aaron in the grocery store. Why were they playing creepy music? We don't know her from anywhere do we? She was a bit of a Claire look-alike.
-I felt sorry for Ben's dad in this episode. I know he's a "bad" guy, but he does seem like he tries in his way. And he's Uncle Rico ;)
-I love when we see Richard Alpert! The mystery surrounding his character is fascinating to me and I loved the mention of Charles and Ellie. So right now they are in charge? And Ben losing his 'innocence'? What does that mean? He brought him into that "temple" that the smoke monster dragged Danielle's people into. And look how twisted and scary they came out afterwards...Creepy!

Ok, so I guess this episode raises a lot of questions, but at least we're moving forward with the whole island story and not just this relationship quadrangle business. Can't wait for the smoke monster next week!


Grandma - Grandma Gifts of Love said...

Hi, I love the Lost recap. I'll have to pass your site on to my daughter who is also a fan! :) Thanks

margalit said...

I thought at the end, Richard the Eyelash King said that he didn't report to Ellie and Charles. So although they might be in charge of the Other's, he's above them all. Like maybe he's supernatural. :-)

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jen said...

I agree with you on Kate. She marches to her own tune and it seems a very selfish tune to me.

The innocence remark creeped me out. Couldn't they have used a better word? Why make Richard sound like a pedophile?

I'm planning on watching this again tomorrow. I came in about 10 min in and missed some.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

It was totally a good call about Sayid creating the Ben-monster... alas!

OMG you noted the trend with Kate and her "watch your cartoons baby," "drink your juice baby," trend. Like she can't even remember the poor boy's name? That's bothered me all along. I agree with you that the whole thing was an expression of her self-absorption and dysfunction... Grrr. The Claire look-alike was totally deliberate, maybe to try to highlight that its meant to be Claire that takes him back? I can't wait for a Claire reappearance!

I had forgotten the effect of the temple on Danielle's friends... freaky! Now I don't know what to think... high expectations for next week though!

I did a lot of speculating in my Lost post just now too... I'm curious to hear what you think! :)

Mel said...

Stop being a Kate hater!!!! :( Poor Kate! I thought Richard brought Ben into the...Black Rock? Or whatever that ship was with the dynamite in it. I was hoping that Juliet was trying to make Ben die. Or that Kate was going to take him away and leave him in the woods or something. I want Ben to go away! He's so mean! I still can't wait to find out why he was so beat up going onto the plane.

Mel said...

OOO!!! And I was so happy to see Locke last night! :) I love that smirk he does.

~*Michelle*~ said...

As your thoughts and theories!

Totally a Claire look-a-like with a creepy twist! EEK!

My brain is fried, long sleepless I jotted down what I could decifer out of my sleep deprived brain with my recap!

Shauna said...

I completely disagree with your take on Kate! :) I think her love for Aaron is genuine, and she recognizes that her reasons for keeping him were selfish and that he needs his real mother. She gave him to the person he should have gone to from the beginning, and I believe her when she says she chose to go back to the island to bring Claire back. I'm proud of her and felt sad for her. And I'm not a Kate fan.