Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This goes without saying, but if you aren't caught up with Lost, please don't read on or you will be spoiled!

Well.  I thought tonight's episode was so fabulous, it is tied for me with "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" for best of season 5.  I don't feel like I have a ton of points, but I had chills watching this episode and watching it alone I was pretty creeped out at first! ;)

-Locke already knew that Ben "killed" Alex.  Locke's creepy-calm demeanor tells us that he knows more than he is letting on, but he flat out says to Ben that he doesn't think Ben wants to be judged for leaving the island, but for killing his daughter.  Locke definitely has some supernatural knowledge to just know information like that.

-Whidmore was pretty awful for callously wanting to kill baby Alex.  Of course he doesn't do it himself, but hoping that Ben would do it is just wrong.  Apparently, Whidmore knows something that Ben doesn't about who should and shouldn't be dead, and that interfering with it is pointless, but really?  I still think that Whidmore is a "good" guy, but after seeing this, I give some points to Ben and take some away from Charles.

-Cesar!!  YES!  Again, I don't really approve of senseless killing, but I was happy to see him go.  But how creepy was Ben's duplicitous friendship with Cesar just to quickly turn on him.  Ben really knows how to get information out of people and FAST.

-Lapidus!  Really?  You are just going to leave Sun alone with these kooks?  I am a bit disappointed in you (but I still do have a crush on you, haha).  And look what you get when you go back to the Hydra island, a knock on the head.

-It really is a huge power shift to see Ben so clueless about the island goings-on when Sun show's Ben the 1977 photo.  When she asks him if he knew about this, Ben sincerely seems like he has no clue.  Then to fail to summon Smokey, but Locke knows how to get to him?!  Ben was humbled in this ep. for sure.

-I'm sure they are saving the temple for the finale or something really grand like that, but the underneath alone is pretty dang creepy!  I love all the Egyptian stuff and hieroglyphics that we've seen on the island so far and seeing Anubis (the dog head man) with what looks to be a hieroglyphic of the smoke monster was pretty cool!

-The smoke monster showed Eko his life and then saw fit to kill him.  Why let Ben live?  (Other than good tv ratings?)  It was pretty creepy to see Alex, I think she was just the monster manifesting itself in human form to reach Ben.  After all, Ben said it himself, "dead is dead."

-But the best part of the night???  Knowing that sweet Penny is alive.  I couldn't help but feel a bit touched (in a weird way) that Ben couldn't do it when he saw little Charlie.  Ben knows all too well how losing your mom can affect your life.  And WTG Desmond!  I loved it!

Going back to the boring losties in 1977 will seem like a snoozefest next week, but it looks like we'll finally get a good Miles episode and see Pierre Chang/Mark Wickman/Marvin Candle.  He's one of the ones I love to see ;)

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jen said...

agree with you on getting to know Miles a bit more. I do keep feeling that we're counting down to the end, though, and I don't like it one bit.
loved this episode, if only for the Ben Beating as I have lovingly named it.

margalit said...

I was totally thrilled to watch Ben realize that the power has been passed to Locke, and to watch it confirmed by Alex was just the icing on the cake. GREAT episode. That smokie scene scared the heck out of me. I'm such a chicken, I was actually whimpering "I don't like this." Sad, but true.

My recap is here:

Mel said...

Yea, I don't get why Whidmore wanted Alex dead. But he said the Island did and it would eventually take her...which is did.

I am also happy Cesar is gone! He got way too cocky, way too fast! But what is up with the other survivors with guns thinking that they should take control!

Smokey? I love it!

Definitely a great episode!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Hi Bay!!!

(not sure if I left a comment yet, my computer is acting wonky and I am sleep deprived....therefore, I am a little more "off" than my normal "off")

I too was overjoyed that Penny lives! and *high five* for Desmond with that butt whooping....

My recap is up.....and I am totally a huge Miles fan too. ;)

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

I *totally* agree that Alex was just a manifestation of the smoke monster... I'm pretty sure that's true of all the other non-dead people we've seen so far. Locke throws a hitch in my interpretation, being apparently actually alive, but oh well. :P

I was really fascinated by the hieroglyphics too... I posted about this whole interpretation my boyfriend and I concocted about how they tie in with the smoke monster... let me know what you think!

kisatrtle said...

I just didn't get much from this episode. After reading your recap, I'm wondering if we watched the same thing.

Unlike you, I missed the Dharma dudes and felt like last night's episode had too many fillers. Most of the recaps we already knew or thought we knew.

Looking forward to learning more about Miles.