Friday, July 31, 2009

If you haven't guessed by the really scant number of posts this month, I have been really busy lately. I mentioned in the past (and definitely if you follow me on twitter) that I currently have my house up for sale. We had a reasonable offer right away, and we were so excited to be under contract in a market where friends and family are waiting months, even a year to sell their homes.

Well this week, our buyer went caput. Honestly, it was pretty crushing. After days of inspections, keeping the house spic and span (which is, you might know, extremely hard for me! lol), packing, etc. it was a blow to have our house back to square one. I've been pretty good at keeping this in perspective--its not like we lost our home, we are already very blessed, etc. but I'm sure how you could see it got me down.

A lovely blog I read, The Finer Things in Life, hosts a carnival every Friday to talk about the little things in life that make you happy. I love to read the entries, and this week I thought I'd do one, just because it is the random small things in life that really add unexpected joy.

My "Finer Thing" today? Sun dried tomatoes. I LOVE them. And just this week, for no reason, Gmail decided to have the suggested link be this recipe: Red Pesto. I love pesto, and I thought, ew, what is red pesto? So I clicked, and quickly my 'ew' turned to drool and I realized I have to try this recipe. The 'red' is sun-dried tomatoes instead of basil. THEN, I happened to go to the farmer's market with my mom and sister yesterday, and I stumbled right upon freshly packed sun dried tomatoes and realized that this week it was my 'finer thing'. I hope you enjoy the recipe and also checking out the other entries at Finer Things Friday!


Amy @ Finer Things said...

I've got tons of cherry tomatoes ripening in the garden. Maybe I'll have to make sun-dried tomatoes out of some of them!

Thanks for joining us!