Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm back with a menu plan this week, and I also wanted to pass along the Italian Chicken & Orzo recipe (click here) from last time. With the exception of a package of fresh mushrooms and some diced bell pepper (which you may have frozen) this would be a 'completely pantry' meal and those are always good to have!

Monday- Rigatoni with grilled peppers and onions - this was a recipe from Real Simple magazine which is just some grilled peppers and onions tossed with cooked pasta and some spinach and parmesan.

Tuesday- Corn and cheese enchiladas - this one was in All You recently as the "easy recipe of the month" and uses a couple ears of fresh corn.

Wednesday- Garlicky broiled salmon and tomatoes - is another Real Simple recipe except I am going to make them on the grill.

Thursday- Ground turkey stroganoff - Just like the Italian chicken and orzo, this recipe is another quick idea courtesy of Stop & Shop. I'll post my review of it ;)

Friday- Grilled chicken breasts and veggies

Saturday- Parties all day so no cooking for me :D

Sunday- Leftovers!

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shopannies said...

wow sounds festive having parties all day