Monday, December 14, 2009

I did pretty well at my weigh-in last week (down 1.8 lbs) but I'm not so sure I'm going to be so successful this week ;o)  I had dinner out with a friend, a cookie-swap & an impromptu dinner at Don Pablo's Saturday night.  Why is it so hard to order 'healthy' Mexican food??  Also, I have to say, from my menu plan last week the Chicken & Macaroni crock-pot recipe for Friday was a bummer.  I learned that if you leave elbow noodles in a crockpot for 6 hours they will completely disintegrate into a pastey goo.  Who knew?!

So this week I'm trying some new stuff.  If the magazine recipe turns out well, maybe I'll post it up =) Here goes:

Monday- The new January issue of Family Circle has a recipe for Unstuffed Cabbage and I figured the points out to be 5 pts. per serving without counting sides.  I also just found the recipe online for you, here.

Tuesday- Another FC recipe for the month is Oriental Glazed Chicken, also 5 pts. not counting rice but including the cabbage slaw.

Wednesday- Healthified Mexican Pasta Skillet (7 pts.)

Thursday- Leftovers

Friday- Linguine with Red Clam Sauce (this is just the canned kind; its only 2 pts. per serving for the sauce)

Saturday- Out!

Sunday- I have shrimp in the freezer that I don't know what to do with, but I've been wanting to make a "different" pizza (maybe shrimp and spinach?).  I found this recipe for Whole Wheat Pizza Dough that you can make up and keep in the freezer; I think I'm going to make the two the recipe yields, only use one and then freeze the other crust for another time.  I put the recipe into the WW Recipe Builder and the points (using 2 cups of whole wheat flour, not 3) makes 2 crusts at 11 pts. each.  Then you can figure out how much of the crust you are going to eat and divide the points.

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christine said...

We eat the healthified mexican skillet often. It is very tasty. Enjoy!