Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sigh. The new season of Lost has begun. And when Lost is on, it has a tendency to consume my thoughts. I don't know why, ever since I started watching Lost in the first season, I got sucked in to the trippy-ness. If you are not aware, there are message boards upon message boards of super eager fans posting all of the cool hidden clues (called "easter eggs") and debating their theories of what's what.

Back when I worked the 9-5, it was almost impossible to do anything the morning after Lost. While I should have been catching up on the previous day's emails I was sneaking over to DarkUfo's really cool site and watching freeze frames of Lost and emailing them to my like-minded co-workers. I know! I'm terrible.

When I was in the hospital with Rayna, two days after she was born, I was stressed that my visitors were not going to leave in time for me to watch the new Lost.

Ok, enough embarassing confessions for one post. You may not have noticed, but I was so amped for Lost to start I even missed Works for me Wednesday! But one of the reasons I love Rocks In My Dryer is that Shannon loves Lost, too. The one thing I would share with her Lost-lovin' readers is one of my favorite Lost-related blogs. This is not one where you will find any real spoilers, freeze-frame images, or any of that stuff. What you will find is a little poking fun at Lost-serious-ness. The Misfit is Here always had funny posts on the imdb message boards for Lost, and I loved when he started his own blog. Yes, the punctuation will drive you mad and yes, it might just be a waste of time, but his site always makes me crack up. My favorite post? His recap of There's no place like home.

Enjoy! Love, Bay

PS- My thoughts on last night? I loved seeing Ana Lucia...I was just telling my sister that I love when the dead ones pop up! I was really hoping for Boone, Shannon, or Eko though. And I'm stoked to know that Desmond seems to be a really important guy in this season. I *love* him!


Crystal said...

Found you at RIMD. Isn't the new season exciting?? Here are my thoughts on it so far.

Going to check out that site you recommended right now.

gracielynn's said...

YEA !! me too.. in fact our whole family.. I esp. love it cuz for the most part,, it's a family show.. and yet.. it's exciting !
Now I know we're not the only ones glued to our TV:-)