Saturday, January 3, 2009

I know that my blog tends to be pretty bogged down with "deals" and a great many posts about coupons, cleaning or things that you may consider to be less than fun. (Who doesn't think organizing drawers is fun?)

I've seen memes on other people's blogs before, but if you don't know what one is, here is a very rough little explanation. Meme (pronounced 'mem,' or sometimes 'meem', but never 'mimi' lol) is a word coined by author Richard Dawkins to define a 'unit of imitation.' It real definition is much longer, but in the blog world, a meme is pretty much a set of questions that different people answer so you can learn more about them. I found this meme on a good blog called 'Patrick's Place' and here it is.

Here is his 'Saturday Six' post and here's my answers to the six questions.

1. Have you ever been asked to speak in front of an audience? If so, what was the occasion and how do you feel you did?

I've had to speak in front of groups before for school related things, like student teaching and public speaking classes, but for an "audience" I guess I would say having to give a speech at my sister's rehearsal and wedding. I gave a really good speech for the rehearsal and then I couldn't come up with anything good to say for the wedding (I couldn't just re-use the speech, because it was the exact same crowd). So I guess it is a mixed bag for me.

2. If you were asked to appear on David Letterman’s show, do you have a “Stupid Human Trick” you could perform?

The only little trick I have is that I am double-jointed in my hands, especially my right one. I can bend my fingers at the top knuckles, ew!

3. If you were asked to be in a circus, would you be more comfortable as a clown, a trapeze artist, a tightrope walker, a juggler, an animal trainer, or the ringmaster?

I guess an animal trainer so I be with the animals and treat them humanely. But I am very anti-circus, so this whole theme of the 6 questions doesn't really appeal to me! lol

4. Take the quiz: What Circus Act Should You Perform?

You Should Be a Puppeteer

You are an entertainer - pure and simple.

You know how to engage an audience. You are a natural storyteller.

You are naturally dramatic, even when life doesn't call for drama.

Luckily though, you save most of your drama for your stellar performances.

5. How old were you the first time you visited a circus? How did you like it?

We were living in Rhode Island, so I would have had to be about 5, and I didn't particularly like it. I remember there was excitement about being at the circus, but some guy sprayed us with a water bottle (it was hot) and I remember it got into scrapes I had on my leg and stung! So that is the memory I took away from the circus.

6. How often would you describe your real job as a “circus?” Do you think it seems to be getting more or less like a circus?

My real job here as a stay-at-home momma is definitely a circus, most of the time. If keeping up with my little acrobat baby (she'd be the expert roller) isn't enough, I have a wild man of a dog that is acting more crazy by the day. So it seems to be getting more and more circus like!


Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some bad circus memories. Since it was so long ago, you might actually like the circus now.

BornToTravel said...

I'm the puppeteer too which doesn't seem right but it was fun to take the quiz. Thanks for sharing!