Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, I guess if you wanted answers, tonight was not the night to get them! Instead I just have a bunch of questions...

What the heck is up with Faraday? Was the blonde 1954 "other" the sister of the woman that he messed up back in London? When he said she looked familiar I was either thinking that sister that Desmond spoke to (but she'd be too old, right?), or maybe Charlotte's mom? And why didn't she move her mouth when she talked? lol
Update: I read that Mrs. Hawkings' (the crazy old lady from The Constant who would seem to be Faraday's mom in Los Angeles) first name is Eloise. The blonde's name in this episode was "Ellie", that would be an easy fit. Maybe she looks familiar because she's his mommy!

Who cares what really happens to Charlotte, but my question is: is Daniel really in love with her? Is he sincere about anything?

Des and Pen's little Charlie...named after Charlie on the island or Penny's dad? I'm sure it's "our" Charlie, but it's just ironic.

The best part of the night? When Locke stumbled upon the young Widmore...I was so tickled by that one!! And now seeing how calm and civil he treated Desmond, is he really the bad guy? Is Widmore the good guy and Ben the bad one?

Maybe Sun is the one that has it right.

I've already been all over DarkUFO to try to find some answers...someone mentioned, is the h-bomb what was behind the concrete wall in the Swan station? That seems a little severe to me...after Desmond turned the key, no one would have been able to survive...but this is the island we're talking about. Sigh.

Does anyone have any answers?


Mel said...

I definitely think that it has to be "our" Charlie. Why would they name their son after Penny's horrible father!?! And sorry Bay, I still think Charles Widmore is the bad guy! Why would he not want Desmond and Penny together in the first place! It's his fault Desmond ended up on that island! And..yes I agree, WHO CARES ABOUT CHARLOTTE?!?!?

Anonymous said...

We can't lose Charlotte yet. I need to know how she was born on the island.

I'm going to have to watch this episode again. It revealed a good bit of info, but it also created more questions.

everydayMOM said...

Hey there,

I came over from Rocks in My Dryer. I think the woman, Ellie, is Daniel's mom. I also noticed that Eloise is the name of Daniel's lab rat.

I loved tonight's episode and have some theories, if you are interested:

~*Michelle*~ said...

I have the same questions and theories as you with this.....

Thank God for the DVR.....I'll be taking this to another unhealthy level and dissecting it.

Until next week.....


The Momma said...

Another LOST lover here! I like the theory that Eloise is Ellie.

I agree with you that Daniel's declaration for Charlotte seemed strange. Charming, but strange.

I literally squealed with delight with the introduction of young Charles Widmore!! How very Lostilicious!!!

Can't wait to watch next week!

Wani said...

I still feel like both Ben and Whidmore are bad guys... weird I know. Locke is the one I'm not sure about. Good... Bad... he keeps going back and forth to me.