Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This deal is no longer, and while some where lucky, most were not. Please see the follow-up post HERE.

It is TRUE, it works, and it is not a scam. This offer has been swirling around the internet for a few days, and yesterday I decided to just go ahead and try it. I was skeptical, because it sounded too good to be true. Well, obviously, it worked for me, it is working for other people and it can work for you too!

I found the detailed directions for how to do it on Catherine Wheels blog. It is a little confusing, though, so I've tried to clarify the best I can. You are going to DO THIS:

1. Click HERE and sign up for a program called "Geico Priveleges." You do NOT have to have Geico, nor is it any kind of sales thing--it is just to get an email with a gift card code for $25 off at Omaha Steaks. Be patient waiting for the email. I had to wait a whole day, some people wait an hour or more. Either way, be patient!

2. Once the email comes, click the link that says "click here" for the gift card code. If you do not see your code, open up a new window, log back in to Geico Priveleges and then click the link in your email again. Now, get a piece of paper, write down your gift card code and check it twice. Got it? Then close out Geico Priveleges, do not follow their link to Omaha Steaks.

3. Now that you have your gift code written down, CLICK HERE to fill in your email address to get 12 free burgers through some Omaha Steak's referral program. Don't worry that it is not my email address as the referrer, it's ok! I don't mind if someone else is getting credit for this, it seems to be the only way it works! Now, click the link to get the free burgers and start shopping. Once you are in Omaha steaks, go to the left bar and click where it says "Burgers/Brats/Franks". Find the burgers that are 8 - 5oz. burgers for $12.99. This is the cheapest option, that nets you a total of 20 burgers for $1.98 out of pocket. If you want to order something else, steaks for example, you can, but you will pay a bit more out of pocket. I wanted the cheapest deal ever :) Add the 8 - 5 oz. burgers to your cart, or whatever else you might want instead, if you want to pay more for steaks or what have you.

4. In the brownish bar is a link that says "View Cart", click this link and you should see your 8 - 5oz. burgers for $12.99 and the free gift burgers. Now you will proceed with checkout. You will NOT have a $25 order, but it's ok because the shipping will put you just over $25. Now after you have entered your addresses, there is a place for your Gift Certificate code and a pin. You do not need any pin, just enter the code that you wrote down on paper. Click apply and you should see your total fly down to $1.98. (It will be more if you chose steaks or something else more expensive than $12.99). Now you pay using Paypal or your credit card.

5. You will get your invoice that you only paid $1.98 for 20 burgers and you will dance for joy! Thanks again Catherine!

It might be a bit confusing and it's a bit of work, but persevere...I did it for me and I just did it for my sister, it works! If you have any questions at all, please post them here and I'll reply asap to help you out.

Love, Bay


Miche said...

Hi!! Gosh, you have some really great money saving tips here! I like how you came up with you blog name-that is really cute!

Anonymous said...

I got mine in time! Yeah, thank you! I love your deals...


Mel said...

Not only do you get the best deals but you get them ON TIME!! :-)

Eric said...

I was able to get 4 filet mignons and the 12 hamburgers for only $8. Heck of a deal. 8 meals for $8. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I was too late ;( But Im fighting for my filets and burgers!! Geico needs to give me something out of this! Right!? Tania