Friday, October 24, 2008

Superfresh is offering a FREE holiday turkey (frozen, up to 20 lbs.) just for purchasing $40 worth of participating General Mills products! This is much better than most local grocery stores (like Acme & ShopRite) which require you to spend $300 this month to qualify for a turkey. The $40 of General Mills products is the value before coupons!

The participating General Mills products are listed on the circular, which you can access online by clicking here. I know that a lot of you do not have a big stash of coupons yet, so here is a deal scenario that includes links to printable coupons that will let you get this for the best possible deal. My deal scenario is very similar, so I’m not going to bore you with that here. I am buying almost the same items, but using a couple of different coupons from newspaper inserts to get my total down to $23.55 out of pocket.

Superfresh doubles any coupon that is 99 cents or below. The final prices after coupons listed below are after doubling.

Here is the deal scenario using only printable coupons. You will spend approximately $29.48 before tax, receive over $40 worth of General Mills products and get the voucher for a free turkey!

Go to, sign up to print coupons and print two copies of each of these coupons:
Save 75 cents on 17.5 oz. Betty Crocker cookie mix
Save 55 cents on 1 tub of Betty Crocker frosting
Go to Pillsbury and print one copy of each of these coupons:
Save 60 cents on two packages of Pillsbury pie crusts
Save 50 cents on two tubes of Grands biscuits
Save 35 cents on two tubes of Grands sweet rolls
Go to and print two copies of:
Save 55 cents off Trix coupons
Click here and print two copies of:
Save $1 on Cheerios coupons

Purchase two 10.7 oz. boxes of Trix cereal and two 8.9 oz boxes of Cheerios.
Use two 55 cents off Trix & two $1 off Cheerios coupons
Four boxes of cereal for $1.23 each – total value for turkey $8

Purchase two 17.5 oz. packages of Betty Crocker cookie mix.
Use two 75 cents off coupons
Two packages of cookie mix for $0.17 each – total value for turkey $3.32

Purchase two tubs of Betty Crocker frosting (must be Whipped variety)
Use two 55 cents off coupons
Two tubs of frosting for $0.40 each – total value for turkey $3

Purchase two packages of Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts
Use one 60 cents off two coupon
Two packages of pie crusts for $1.90 each – total value for turkey $5

Purchase two tubes of Grands! Biscuits and two tubes of Grands! Sweet Rolls
Use one 50 cents off two Grands! coupon and one 70 cents off Grands! Sweet Rolls coupon
Get four tubes of biscuits & rolls for $2.08 each – total value for turkey $10

Purchase $10.68 worth of other items from the list—whatever you need—to make $40 worth of items before coupons. An example of what more to buy would be:
1 box of Betty Crocker Brownie Mix for $1
4 boxes of Green Giant frozen vegetables for $5
1 canister of Bisquick Shake n’Pour for $1.99 &
2 canisters of Progresso bread crumbs for $3, totaling $10.99

Final- You will have purchased $40 worth of General Mills products, spent about $29.48 before tax (if applicable) and qualified for the free turkey!

Think that is a lot of baking items? The cookies, mixes and frosting will come in handy for the holidays. Use the biscuits to make breakfast sandwiches that you can wrap up and freeze individually (just thaw them in the fridge overnight and heat in the morning). The pie crusts can be frozen until you are ready to use them, then use them for other uses than desserts, like quiche.

Enjoy! Love, Bay


Donna K said...

I may be checking into this seriously sounds like a good deal