Thursday, October 23, 2008

I had been a WW absentee for two weeks...well, I missed one meeting, but it was two weeks of being totally off the program. I was terrified of going in to the meeting and seeing the look on the receptionist's face when I gained 3 lbs. I was moving slow all morning, wondering if I should just have a week "OP" (on plan) before I went in again to weigh in. I knew that is not how it works; when a person feels they need to lose a little weight before going to WW it is like a backslidden person saying that she's just gonna get it together before she goes back to church. It won't happen!

When I got into the meeting of course I was glad to be there. People who try to lose weight on their own don't realize that there's something special about seeing the same people every week at Weight Watchers. You don't need to be friends at all, but it's reassuring to see them there.

So anyway, I weighed in and they are always very quiet and discreet at my meeting, even if you've lost. The girl says nothing and is shuffling around my paperwork. I'm getting nervous to hear the damage and I let out some kind of "oh no?"--"eek!"--a whimper, maybe? She's like, "huh? You lost! 1/2 a lb."

Haaaallejulah! You could knock me over with a feather. THEN she tells me that I am just a few pounds away from the goal weight and that once I get there I pay the "maintaining" fee that leads to being lifetime! Hooray! I'm most excited about not having to pay for WW, isn't that sad? lol.


Eric said...

Way to go Bay.

Laura said...

Yeah! I gained 3 lbs while away :( I guess I gained the weight you thought you were going to.