Thursday, October 30, 2008

Printable coupons come & go super-fast, so if you are interested in this, act quick! Here's the deal:

Target has a currently unadvertised promotion running in the store where you purchase any four participating Glade holiday-scented candle items & an InStyle magazine, you get a $5 gift card.

The holiday Glade Scented Oil Candleholders are included in this promo and are on sale for $2.50 each--a good price for them. If you go to the Glade scented oil site here, print two of the buy one get one free coupons (remember, to print two you hit the back button a few times after you print the first one. You will get a second coupon with a unique barcode).

Once you are in Target pick up four of the holiday-themed Glade Scented Oil Candleholders for $2.50 each. In my store, all of the participating items were on an end-cap next to the air freshener aisle. My store only had the Apple Cinnamon scent left, but according to Glade's website they also carry Glistening Snow & Cinnamon Gingerbread. Pick up your InStyle magazine (with Beyonce on the cover). At checkout, turn in your two bogo coupons. You will then get the magazine, all four candles and a $5 gift card for $8.59 before tax. If you subtract the $5 gift card, you only paid the $3.59 for the magazine. Not bad!

I had to go to Target anyway to pick up a shirt for Rayna's costume tomorrow, so I had my husband stand behind me in line to use the gift card on her little shirt. :)


Anonymous said...

I just printed my coupons and am hitting the Target in Wash Twp to get my mag and candles (which rock by the way). Thanks sooo much for the idea! I love your new job!!