Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Christmas tree is up! (I will post a pic soon, because I know you want to see it, right?!) So now it really does seem like Christmas-time has started for me. I love everything about Christmas, especially giving (and wrapping, cause I'm a nerd) gifts. I am not so down with physically shopping for gifts. I just really can't stand going out and hunting for something, braving crowds, leaving my house. That kind of thing! A few of my girlfriends decided to stop swapping gifts years ago, because the whole, "I'm getting you a $25 gift, you get me a $25 gift, now let's swap" thing was getting old. Instead we vowed to get together for dinner or hang out in some way, since getting together is much more important. That has also fallen by the wayside and it's a shame!

Just recently a few of my old co-workers decided that in lieu of a lunch-time Christmas gift swap (where they're watching the clock and I'm half-paying attention, trying to feed Rayna) we are going to go out for a leisurely dinner! We are still swapping gifts, since these girls are shoppers ;) but I am really looking forward to the actual get-together. While gifts are great, make time to see your friends this Christmas.

I saw this video on the blog Like Merchant Ships and I thought it was really good. Now, I'm not anti-gift giving in any way, but I think it does have a pretty good message to keep the holiday in perspective:


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm on your blog! eueueu

Listen, I can't wait for dinner and gift swapping...o and by the way, 25.00 has gone to 30.00! aaaa! But I love ya'll so who cares! xoxo tania