Thursday, December 4, 2008

iHere are a few more websites that you may be interested in joining. I am a member of all of these and there aren't any referrals needed here, you just sign up.

Vocalpoint- I love Vocalpoint! You join, they mail you free things. Well, they also have a bunch of other activities and articles going on, but when they do have promotions they just up and mail you something free. I have received a free Venus Breeze razor, coupon packs for Starkist tuna & Del Monte fruit bowls, and just this week I got a little calendar/planner from Crest with coupons, including a coupon for a free Crest Weekly Clean toothpaste. You can sign up here.

Shespeaks- This site is another that aims to be a community for women, with polls, chats, etc. What is cool is that they claim to have special offers, coupons, and products to test out. I was just selected for my first product test & will be receiving some free Ghirardelli chocolate squares. You can sign up here.

House Party- I would love to have one of these! Will they ever pick me? lol...Maybe I'm not putting that I have enough friends to invite...Anyway, House Party is a site for different companies to promote their products by sending kits to people who pledge to host a party & invite all their friends. The host gets supplies to help throw the party & samples to give out/use at the party. There was one where you had to have an Xbox 360, and they sent out a movie from Netflix and a SceneIt game to use on the Xbox. If any of you are chosen to host a party, you better invite me! You can sign up here.

Hope you like them! Love, Bay


Mel said...

Now I will 10 more emails I receive everyday :) :)!!! I put my email address in for the Zip Lock party so I'll let you know :)

Anonymous said...

Love! Thanks so much! and thanks for the freebies! they rock! Love your blog, wish I could be a follower but it doesnt let me ;(

tania xoxo