Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ok, no blood, but sweat, sure. And tears, almost. Let me just tell you...I worked hard for these freebies! It is like a mini-soap opera. Last night I was talking to Marc about the CVS deals, and he was letting me know that he had to leave really early for a football game and that the roads were going to be really bad. I was stressing about the idea of taking Rayna out in the morning in icy conditions just to go to CVS...but I know the stuff would be gone if I didn't act fast. There is a 24 hour CVS not too far from me, and I thought, is it nuts to go and get the deals at midnight? We were awake, so Marc is like, yeah do it!!

Ahem. There are TONS of crazy deal-shoppin' ladies hitting up the 24 hour CVS at just before midnight. (There was even a lady who dragged her infants out in a stroller, which I thought was just crossing the line.) I managed to get most of the free stuff (see above), but all of the Arm & Hammer cleaners were gone, the heating pads were gone, etc. I felt ok about my amount of free stuff, though, and I came home.

Then comes this morning. Marc's game is postponed due to the weather and the roads are not that bad. So we go to church, have lunch with my parents afterwards, and then stop by their CVS. It was ransacked! They had nothing that I didn't already purchase. Finally on my way home, I stopped by my local CVS to give it one last hurrah. Also ransacked and they say we don't even carry that Arm & Hammer cleaner.

Along the way I also picked up the $15 in Coke, get $5 ecbs deal, buying 4 cases of Coke (using 4 $1 off coupons from MyCokeRewards) and a Smartwater. Those ecbs don't print. Also, I noticed from the night before, my Sally polish and eyeshadow ecbs didn't print. I'm explaining the scenario to the manager and he is super incredulous thinking I am a professional CVS sheister. I was hitting up a store at midnight, after all.

Sigh. So I did get my ecbs to print, finally, and I am pretty happy to have a year's supply of free listerine and to have restocked my soda. But is it terrible that I still am really wishing for the other free stuff? lol...I think it becomes an addiction. I also didn't realize that Right Guards were limit 5, and I only had picked up 2 when I had the chance. D'oh! What is different about this free bonanza that everyone in the tri-state area turned out? The word is really spreading about CVS!

Oh, but I still didn't pay more than $3 out of pocket for it all, including the sodas. So I'm still pretty happy! :)


stephanie george said...

Hey love, you need to give me information of how this works with the CVS stuff! I wanna know :) I want to raid CVS's at midnight!!