Sunday, February 8, 2009

First, if you are new to working deals at Acme, please read the background info on one of my earlier deals posts. This will explain how the coupons double & how to print two copies of the printable coupons.

I went back to Acme and saw more of the Cascadian Farms organic cereal/granola bars on sale for $1. There are a bunch of $1 off any Cascadian Farms coupons including printables out there (like the ones available here). That would make these totally free!

It's a little frustrating that deals are virtually non-existent this week. Here's all I could see:

Non-coupon deals:

Acme is still running their "Favorite 4" promotion, where you can choose 4 meat/seafood products from a list of over 30 options, and pay $19.99 for them, no matter what the individual package price may be. You must buy 4 and they must have the "Favorite 4" label on them. Each choice is supposed to be enough to feed a family of 4. Some of the items include 2 lbs. of 80% lean ground beef, 2 lbs. of Italian sausage, Whole frying chickens, Gorton's Frozen fish sticks or fillets, etc. See the front page of the circular for more details.

On the back cover of this week's circular is a buy one get one free sale. The purchased and free items have to be identical, but there look like there could be some decent deals if these are things you use. Also, an important factoid to remember about buy one get one free deals at Acme is that you can use two manufacturer coupons, since technically you are buying two items! For example, Nature Made vitamins are buy one get one free, let's say they are $9.99 each (not sure of the prices exactly, as they are all different!). If you have two $1 off coupons, you would use two coupons and pay only $7.99 total for both bottles.

Nestle morsels bags are on sale for $1.49 this week.

1 lb. bunch of fresh asparagus is on sale for $1.99.

Limit 12: Acme canned vegetables are on sale for $0.39 a can.

Printable coupon deals:

Yoplait yogurt cups are on sale buy 10 at $10, get 10 free. Use 2 of the $1 off 8 cups printable coupons available here to get 20 cups for $8.

Newspaper coupon deals:

Dayquil and Nyquil 20 ct. or 6-10oz. packages are on sale for $4.99 each. Use the $1.50 off coupon from this week's P&G Brandsaver insert to get it for $3.49 each.

Crest toothpaste (6.4 oz) is on sale for $1.50. Use the $1 off coupon from this week's P&G Brandsaver insert to get it for $0.50.

Freschetta Pizzas are on sale for $5.50 each. Use the $0.75 off one coupon from today's paper (it will double to $1.50 off) and they are $4 each.

That's all I can find. If you find anything, please post a comment. If I see anything else crop up, I'll edit the post.


mali said...

i've a question. the cascasian farm 1$ deal, is it a clearance deal or weekly/monthly?? thanx

Bay said...

Hello Mali, I don't know anything about the duration of the Cascadian farm deal, but I have seen them priced in the $1 section for two weeks now, so I'm sure it's not just a weekly deal. In my store, it seems as if they are not going to carry these anymore and once they are gone they are gone. Hope that helps!

mali said...

thanx bay. appreciate ur help. couldnt find them in my store though:(((((