Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have to say, I was very excited for tonight's Lost. I love most of the characters and their backstories, but I really do love Locke. He is so beleaguered, and you just want him (and faith in general), to prevail. Once I got past the super-nasty first ten minutes or so, the episode really picked up speed in awesomeness. I will try to put my happy points in some kind of logical re-cap.

1. I love the 'new' plane crash. Not only does it confirm that Christian Shephard is pretty much completely alive the way that Locke is, but I really get a kick out of seeing the new people be wary of him as an "other", try to explore the island, etc. It is just a little irony thrown in to remind us how far our 815 survivors have come. Big question for me tonight, the new marshall said that the pilot and "some woman" took the other boat. Who would the woman be? I sure hope Lapidus doesn't get shot by our Sawyer & Juliet, like we saw in episodes past.

2. Abbadon! I loved seeing him. Can't believe he was killed by Ben (well, I can, but I can't believe that he is dead) .

3. Walt!! I was so excited when I realized that Locke was visiting him. Walt has been having dreams? I wonder what that means for Walt, a comeback? He could have dreams about Locke, but not know anything about his own dad? And is it just me, or did the actor who plays Walt lose his acting ability in the last few years? lol...

4. This episode just really confirmed my own theory that Widmore is actually the good guy. Mel, for one, can you see it now? ;) There is so much symbolism between the "two sides" of Widmore and Ben (like that night scene last season in Widmore's bedroom, where only one side of their faces were showing). The scene with Widmore helping Locke in the hospital, pledging his support for him, having just had Locke's leg taken care of, etc. contrasted so obviously to me with the scene with Ben in the hotel room. Ben spewing lies to Locke, fooling him into coming down off of the table just to steal his information and kill him? I think my theory is really true. :)

5. A couple little nitpicky things still bother me about Widmore though. He has to know about Locke's life story. Was his joke about his parents having a sense of humor just a cruel little jab? Is Helen really dead? I just worry that she's not and they set that up to make Locke follow the plan. And if Widmore really cared for Locke and gave him tons of cash, why would he put him up in the Westerfield Hotel, complete with crime scene-ish stains? hehe

Please let me know what you think! I loved this one!


Bay said...

I just read somewhere that, duh, the woman with Lapidus was probably Sun. For some reason I just assumed that she was with Sayid and other 'first class' passengers, but it does make perfect sense. Ok, that's all ;)

Shauna said...

I don't think Widmore is good; I think he's just as skilled at manipulating people as Ben is. Keamy is probably the most vile, evil character who's ever been on the show, and he was one of Widmore's men. Widmore also treated Desmond terribly!

Mel said...

I was going to make the comment about Sun and then read your comment! Darn it! LOL. But I think that's who it probably was. But yes, I'm starting to agree with you about Widmore and Ben. I just don't understand Ben. I don't think he planned on killing Locke when he first showed up until he made the comment about finding Eloise.
I also want to know why the other passengers just "disappeared" and didn't crash as well. I guess that's all part of the Island! I can't wait for next week when Sawyer sees Kate!!!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Hello Lostie friend!

My head (and heart) is hurting from last night's episode

Will the real good guy PAH-LEASE stand up?!?!?

Jotted down my theories and thoughts too....come on by!


Bay said...

Ok, because I'm nuts, I added more ideas over at Rocks in my Dryer. This is what I said:

Yes, I am back, because I just feel like there are a bunch of doubters as to Widmore being a good guy. So far, we haven't seen Widmore kill anyone; Keamy and his freighter crew could easily have 'overdone' any instructions that actually came from Widmore. We have seen Ben actually kill people and manipulate everyone (it's one thing that he didn't care what happened to anyone on the freighter, but his disregard for all of the innocent people on the plane? To me, that is evil).

And to get all deep and start analyzing even more symbolism, I think that just looking at the father-daughter relationships between the two men shows something. Ben stole his daughter from someone, raised her under deceit and she eventually turned on him and was deceiving him before her death. Penny seems like she is goodness incarnate, she is long suffering, kind and faithful. Anything Widmore has "done" do Desmond seems to me like it is just out of protection for his daughter and because all the key players seem to know that Desmond has something key to do with the whole thing.

Shauna said...

If Charles is just misunderstood and is actually a nice guy, then why doesn't Penny trust him? She has said herself that her father is a bad man.

Mel said...

In response to Shauna, I don't think Widmore is bad. He was "terrible" to Desmond because he didn't want him to be with Penny. He didn't want him to be with Penny because Widmore knows that Desmond has something to do with the Island (Hence Eloise's saying the Island is not done with you yet) and doesn't want Penny involved! I think he's just trying to protect his daughter.

Bay said...

I don't know if Penny thinks he's a bad man? She sent Desmond to her father to apply for a job, obviously their relationship wasn't really strained yet at that point. I feel like she keeps her distance but more for Desmond's sake?

oh amanda said...

I'm not sure if Widmore is bad or not...I think all he cares about is getting back to The Island. I'm pretty sure the rest of the season will be Ben, Widmore and Locke vying for the leadership spot!

margalit said...

Wasn't seeing Walt just awesome?

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Anonymous said...

Becka - I was just telling my husband about your page and navigating when I got ur lost tho Im not into Lost, I still love reading about them. xoxo Tania