Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Was tonight's Lost a disappointment to anyone other than me?  After last week's super-riveting young Charles Widmore scene, I was snoozing through this episode of filling us in on things we already know.  Jack & Kate's touching scene on the rescue boat?  Totally unnecessary.  Kate looking at the lawyer in his car 100 times?  Totally unnecessary.

The good parts?  
  • Well, you know what the best part was, right?  Sawyer watching past-Kate and Claire during Aaron's birth in the jungle.  I thought he was going to cry.  I thought I was going to cry.
  • When Ben glibly announces, "he's my lawyer."  As if we weren't already suspicious.
  • Second best part of the night?  Jin meeting the young and pregnant Danielle Rousseau and realizing on his own that something really fishy is going on.  Oh wait, knowing that Jin is alive...come on now, did we really think he was dead?  
  • Faraday asking Miles if he was sure that he hasn't been on the island before.  I kind of thought Marvin Candle's baby could be a little Miles.
  • The bombed future-beach and crazy canoe chase scene.  I don't think shooting at that other canoe was a good could have been yourselves!
Ok, so really I just had beef with the Oceanic 6 action.  All of that looks like it could have been worked into next week's ep.  Here's to next week!


ME said...

I thought it was boring too and have almost decided to quit watching as I just get more and more frustrated. But I am addicted what can I say.