Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I came home from a night out, and my husband was very excited about a "great" episode of Lost. Usually, he is complaining that he doesn't get the show, he doesn't know why he watches, etc. So to hear this really piqued my interest. I asked "do we see Richard Alpert?" because really, I love seeing him. Marc says "no, but better." To which I reply, "hmm...well it has to be either Jacob, Christian, or a dead Lostie" (which I had to explain, I meant a Boone, Shannon, Charlie, etc.) and he made a face that it was clearly one of the above.

For some reason I instantly knew it was Christian. I knew we'd be seeing more of him lately!

Well, anyway, the episode wasn't as through the roof as he made it sound, but in my own words, it was pretty darn satisfying.

The good parts?

  • Charlotte and all of her dying. Wait! Please! Don't think I'm a terrible person. I don't know if anyone really dies on this place, so I was happy that she spit out a bunch of answers before slipping away. Faraday telling her as a child not to come back?! How does that work?! Is Miles going to go soon?
  • Locke and his terrible leg injury. Can someone cut the poor man a break?
  • One of the best things ever was seeing more of Danielle Rousseau's backstory. I felt so sorry for the young Danielle when we met her, since we all know just how terrible her life will be very quickly. I said in passing to Marc while he was starting the tivo for me, "Well you know all of her people get sick and some guy's arm gets chopped off." He was very impressed that I knew that before it happened. How's that for my season one memory? ;) The sickness was so creepy! What was with her husband being so sweet and trying to shoot her within 10 seconds of each other? Very interesting.
  • Missing limbs...they really do pop in Lost frequently don't they?
  • The Frozen Donkey Wheel was off its axis, thus causing the time skipping? Whoa!
My favorite part of the night? Sweet little Desmond asking if Ben & Losties are looking for Faraday's mom. The look on Ben's face was fabulous! So glad that for once there is something that even he didn't know.

PS- Do you think Des recognized Ellie from the weird engagement ring purchase scene in "Flashes before your eyes"?? Can't wait for next week!


margalit said...

I think Desmond recognized Eloise as soon as he laid eyes on her. His face was telling. Confused and freaked at the same time.

My post is here:

~*Michelle*~ said...

My nose is bleeding now. You are too funny with the missing limbs comment.

I posted my thoughts and theories too.....

Anne said...

I do think Desmond recognized Eloise. Ben seemed a little mad that Daniel was getting involved - maybe because Daniel is working for Widmore?

I have to go back and watch some of the season 1 episodes now.

I posted some thoughts on my blog too.

Marlow said...

This was such a good episode

Anonymous said...

godchildren will love this i am sure