Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm waffling back and forth on whether I liked or disliked this episode. It was a cool episode to see them get back to the island. But there was just too much that didn't gel for me.

What didn't gel:
-Sun deciding that she needs to get on the plane in case Jin is alive. She didn't seem to get any proof from Faraday's mom that Jin was alive and she's ready to leave her baby behind?

-And the even weirder one, Kate acting strangely calm that Aaron is suddenly gone. I'm sure it is something like Ben took Aaron back to the island and Kate will only see him again if she goes, too. But how would that happen?

-Ben's bloody face and injuries. He obviously got into it with someone, but who? Was it part of the Aaron kerfluffle? Or was he enacting his revenge on Penny? I sure hope that it is not the latter. It is ok that the island isn't done with Desmond yet, but please don't take Penny away to help make that happen!

What was cool:
-Hurley carrying the guitar case on the plane. Did he have to bring something of Charlie's on the plane the way Jack had to bring something of his dad's? Did Charlie convince Hurley that he had to go back (again)?

-Jack's grandfather being alive?! And doesn't he seem suspicious? LOL How convenient that he happened to have a bag packed. There seemed to be so much symbolism in this episode around those darn shoes.

Is it just me, or do you look forward to next week's episode like crazy after seeing the preview? ;) It was exciting to see Locke "alive" on the island talking to Sayid's female marshall. As usual, I'm stoked for next week!


Mel said...

I think maybe Aaron is with Claire's mom. Why would she say she never wants to talk to Aaron again if he was waiting at the Island for her?

~*Michelle*~ said...

Hello fellow Lostie!

I think the ring was enough proof for Sun....can't say I am thrilled she just up and left her daughter. Hopefully she is going to be put in a carseat as I cringe everytime they show Aaron....where is the car seat?!?! (sorry, the mom in me)

So I have some thoughts and theories if you feel like getting inside my head at my blog....

,....until next nosebleed, er week.


Heather J. said...

Yeah, the lack of maternal concern from both Kate & Sun really got to me ... but maybe it goes along with the crazy parent-child relationships in the rest of the show.

I followed your link from ROCKS IN MY DRYER and wanted to invite you to post your recap at the LOST Books Blog - we link up to lots of recaps each week.

oh amanda said...

totally agree about the weird shoe symbolism.

maybe claire shows up to Kate and tells her not to bring Aaron back. Remember, "Don't you dare bring him back!!"

LOVE this show!

nancymkqueen said...

I agree with Mel that Aaron is with Claire's mom since she was in LA at that time, and Claire appeared to Kate and said "don't ever take him back there". So it was really difficult for her to leave him because he brought her so much happiness, but I think she believed that she would lose him if she stayed as well.
I can't wait until next week since I am also a Lostaholid.
My favorite line- "We're not going to Guam, are we?" I wrote a post about it-