Sunday, February 15, 2009

Phew! Last week I was super-light on posts, and missed Menu Plan Monday AND Works for me Wednesday, both! But I'm happy to say that I am back on track this week. We have a couple of nights out this week, but here is what I have for the week:

Monday- I have had a zucchini lasagna in mind for a couple of weeks now and I still haven't made it. I found this recipe on AllRecipes and the reviews look great, and since it still has a meat sauce my husband shouldn't complain about veggies in lieu of noodles.

Tuesday- This weekend we had Valentine's Day dinner at home, and my husband was sent to pick up our take-out order. He somehow misunderstood me (really?) and picked up the cooked asparagus from the take-out store and also from the supermarket, a bunch of raw asparagus. There is a pasta dish I make that is one of his favorites, which was originally entitled "springtime pasta" so that is what we call it. It is a box of pasta boiled with cut, fresh asparagus then drained, add halved grape tomatoes and one container of Boursin or Alouette garlic and herb cheese. It's that easy and we like it (it also makes a ton of leftovers for us). You may want to save some pasta water to water down the cheese a bit.

Wednesday- A few weeks ago I made this recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup that I found on someone's blog. It was a hit and very easy to make in the crockpot, so we are having that again.

Thursday- We have different things going on and will eat some leftovers.

Friday- Kraft foods has this really easy recipe for Chili Mac, which I'm going to make since my mom gave me a value size box of Velveeta shells and cheese and I'm at a loss with how to use it all!

Saturday- Going out for our wedding anniversary, yay!

Sunday- Polishing up all of our leftovers.

Be sure to check out the other menu plans over at Menu Plan Monday! And while you are here, throw a quick entry in my giveaway for three Yoplait price packs! Just click here to check it out.


shopannies said...

thanks for the easy chili mac recipe this is great

Simply Sara said...

Mmmm, I'm going to give that chicken tortilla soup a try! Thanks for the link!

Hope you have a nice anniversary :)

Sherry said...

Yummy looking menu! :D The springtime pasta sounds like one I like to make. It is scrumptious!!

Have a great week and Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Chicken tortilla soup sounds delicious! Have a great week!


Tami said...

Hi, poppin over from Orgjunkie to check out your menu. It sounds great, and it's nice to meet you.