Friday, November 21, 2008

Ok, so that's not a turkey, but I liked the picture! lol... All over the web right now, everyone is in a flurry about Thanksgiving and what to make/how to make it easier or more affordable. There is a good series on Money Saving Mom called "Thanksgiving on a Budget" which has ideas for decorating and food on the cheap.

I have to say, I have never cooked a turkey (even though I will need to learn, with my Acme free turkey in the freezer!) and my brother has cooked our Thanksgiving meals for years now. Since my bro and his wife host it at their home now, all I have to do is show up and bring a couple of things. So I'm not really an authority on preparing Thanksgivings, but there is one thing that I was requested to bring (aside from a vegetable), my deviled eggs. (or "angel eggs" if you grew up in my kind of family)

They seem to be either a 'love it or hate it' type thing. My sister is really finicky about deviled eggs and insists on no mustard (even though I think the filling is way better with mustard!). I do sneak relish into mine though. (Again, she doesn't read my blog, so she won't know! lol) So my filling is usually just mayonnaise, a little relish, salt and pepper and the paprika on top.

Then there is the question of to pastry bag the filling, or just spoon it on. I have to say the whole pastry tip thing is a HUGE waste of time, and no one really cares anyway. Also, then you have to really work the filling to be lump-free or your tip will get clogged every few seconds. So I say, do not use the pastry bag. Get real people! ;)

I saw Paula Deen one time make deviled eggs with bacon inside. Yum! Which made me wonder if I should try a new recipe this year. In searching, I found that there is a whole website devoted to Deviled Eggs. Check it out! The classic recipe is most like what I make.

And what to do with all the leftover eggs? Chop 'em up and you have egg salad for sandwiches. They actually are a very frugal little appetizer.

Love, Bay


BornToTravel said...

Yeah Bay! I say put Mustard in them as that is what Eric and I like best and we are hosting! :) They don't have as much flavor without it but it is up to you. Good think Jess doesn't read this blog :)

Mel said...

I read your blog today and then go to my AOL page and it says "They'll Love Deviled Eggs" !! You should blog for AOL!!!! :)

p.s. You're going to have to cook me dinner now and I won't tell Jess your little secret!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so what is this? I DO read your blog and I HATE mustard in the deviled eggs! (I always knew that I could taste something funny in your eggs and that was the relish!!) No, I will be happy with whatever you do, I just find it funny that I don't read your blog for a few days and I am mentioned all over it. I guess I am "almost famous" after all!