Monday, November 10, 2008

Ok, so everything in the picture was free! Because, my total after coupons for those 10 items was $19.45. I received $15 in catalina (register) coupons to use on my next order & a coupon for $4.50 off a gallon of milk. That is $19.50 worth of coupons total. On my next transaction I picked up some stuff I needed from the other catalina-producing promotion & also bought everything else we needed for the week (including the gallon of organic milk for $4.99) and that $19.50 came off my total. Hooray!

A funny little note about the photo- I put out this stuff and got sidetracked before I took the picture. When I came back, Marc had opened the Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast and quietly put it

Check out my post on Acme deals for the week here to see how you can work this week's specials for yourself!


Eric said...

hilarious about Marc