Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It is because a tornado hit my kitchen!! Well, that's what it looks like right? I mean there is a filthy floor, a filthy Phillies rally towel (?!), garbage, spices, a ton of misplaced items...all because my refrigerator broke. Again.

Marc and I remodeled the kitchen just before getting married a few years ago, and one of our prized items was the huge stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator we bartered for at the Sears outlet for HOURS, to get for $800. A few years later, just a few months ago, the freezer flat out died and all my items defrosted. The fridge side quickly followed suit. The warranty had JUST expired, and it took two repairman trips and $400 to repair the fridge!!!

Well, the first reason I have been post-lite lately is because Marc was out of town for a business trip in Baltimore. I didn't really think I should mention that kind of thing on here in advance because it would alarm my mom :). So all weekend while I'm here alone, there was a really obnoxious knocking sound coming from the kitchen, even waking me up in the middle of the night. I guess it was the reaper coming for my big ol' fridge (seriously, though, I wonder what it was? The fridge trying to give me an SOS?). So, at some point this afternoon, I opened the freezer to find all of my homemade baby food, ice cream, anything near the top, wasted. Of course, you-know-who has the worst memory, and forgot to put the fridge on the PSE&G repair contract. So no warranty, yet again. Ouch!!

You can imagine that all afternoon/evening I've been busy with the salvaging of food, getting rid of the clunker fridge, shopping for a new fridge, etc. Not fun! So I do hope you'll excuse me for a while while I clean up the aftermath.

And this weekend while I was attempting to hold down the fort, I never got around to doing the Acme deals...did anyone notice? I had looked through the circular and saw *nothing* worthy of note. So, I decided to skip it. Now you know. It is just one of those weeks! Can't wait for Thanksgiving!!


Eric said...

Oh no. The knocking was the motor going. You should just buy a new fridge. Good luck Bay.