Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So I was excited that yesterday was a success. I think Marc was amazed at how much I did especially with Rayna as needy as she was.

Today on my list is the organizing type things, which can really eat my time. But, I am motivated to have them done before dinner so maybe I can do some Wii fit later tonight...tomorrow is my weigh-in day and I'm not feeling super positive about it! Here's what I want to accomplish:

  • Pay bills and go through checkbook- it's been a little while since I did this
  • Organize the one side of my closet:

Recently I had organized Marc's whole chest of drawers so that he could see his enormous t-shirt collection at a glance and I was pretty proud of it. I need to do the same to my closet, seriously! (ok, so a couple are upside down right now, but you get the idea:)

  • Also, we have a coat rack that has a storage chest attached. It is filled with games and whatnot, but it has gotten a little bit out of control. Here is a before picture:
So, it might not seem a lot, but I know that those will really consume the lion's share of my day. There are also the usual chores like empty/refill dishwasher that happen every day. Dinner is just going to be spaghetti & meatballs using the frozen meatballs that I got on special at Acme this week. :)

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**Ok, my follow-up post is now up, here


thehomespunheart said...

Love your before pix - hope you've had another great day completing some projects in your home!