Thursday, November 20, 2008

I can't say hooray enough! For quite a long time, I have been working on the above cross stitch. When my sister found out she was having a boy, I knew the name Noah was a top contender for the baby. I wanted to make something for him, and since I like cross-stitch, I researched options. Most patterns were too cartoony, pastel or just not my style. When I found this pattern ("Promises Kept" by Dimensions) I knew that it was perfect. What I didn't take into consideration was that it was way beyond my skill level at the time. I tried my best to have it done by the shower, and then by the time he was born, and then...FLASH FORWARD, he is now three!!! THREE!!

And yes, this is somewhat embarrassing! But last week while I was doing the "Making your home a haven" challenge, I knew that I wanted to work on this project until it was completed. I broke down the remaining pieces into little "doable" chunks, like 'complete eyes on outer left animals', etc. (The eyes, or the french knots, are what was out of my skill level. Stitching is stitching, but I can't do those knots for the life of me. I ended up substituting knots with small stitches for the eyes).

So now, it is done!!! I pressed it and found a framer nearby who will have it ready for me to present to the family on Thanksgiving. (Note to family, don't tell Jess! She doesn't read my blog anyway, lol)

So if my blogging fell by the wayside for a few days, now you know why!

And for my friend Yukline, here is a close-up of the berries on the tree that I was working on when we went to Las Vegas...2 years ago! ;)


BornToTravel said...

WOW! I remember this and did not know it was never finished. How exciting!!! See you at Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Rebekah I am so proud of you!!! Since I was with you on part of this journey :O)I knew it would turn out beautifully on that flight to Vegas when you worked on it for 3 hours, just didn't figure it would be 2 more years!! LOL
hey I'm famous now.......