Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Works for me Wednesday again! This time it is a themed edition about toys actually worth buying. I really thought long and hard about what toys I could really stand behind, and I have to say that my knowledge is slim. At just about 8 mos., Rayna is most happy playing with her spoons. What I did go through like water, pre-baby, was dog toys. And when I thought of "toy that is actually worth it's price" I immediately thought of Good Cuz toys.

Kongs are great for marathon-chewing type dogs, but don't they get a little boring after a while? My dog Buddie was a real maniac of a puppy. He quickly ditched Kongs because they didn't squeak, and we started ripping through toys quicker than toilet paper. Good Cuz (& Bad Cuz, Ruffians and all the other shapes) were the strongest, squeakiest, best toys we could buy for him. Long after he ripped the feet off, the ball was still fascinating to him. Who knew? They look like this:
and you can get them anywhere. Here is an online store that is selling them for a decent price. Amazon.com also sells them. I get them at my local pet store, but they also sell them at larger chains, too. Look for the bright colors and the dalmatian on the package. If you have a little one of the doggy type on your list, I'm sure he/she would appreciate it! They definitely worked for me & Buddie Love ;)

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Col @ gigablonde :: things to do in ny when you're [alive] said...

Strongest AND squeekiest, two excellent features! ;) Thank you for sharing, I've never seen these before.

Andrea said...

What a great idea to do a WFMW on doggy toys! I don't have any kids yet, but I love WFMW. We are hoping to adopt my parents' dog at Christmas, and I will keep these toys in mind! Thanks

Annette said...


I have a friend who has a dog that goes through kongs like butter. I wonder if these will last a wee bit longer for them.

Linda said...

Thanks for the idea. I defnintely can't go with cloth/rope toys because they get chewed apart too quickly. I'll give this a try.

~~tonya~~ said...

My boxers would love those!! Will definitely check them out. TFS

ivybarnes said...

I clicked on the link to your blog from WFMW b/c you mentioned dog toys and I was looking for something cute for a Christmas gift.
I noticed that your have a daughter named Rayna. That is my daughters name too! Spelled the same way. I was so surprised. I have never met anyone with the same name same spelling. Just wanted to say great name choice:). And thanks for the great dog toy tip!