Monday, November 17, 2008

You know those Coinstar machines that sit at the front of your grocery store? The ones that you never use because they charge you a little fee to count your coins when most banks now do this for free? Yeah, those!

Well, Coinstar is running a little incentive to make you cash your coins in for gift cards or e-certificates (to Amazon, for example). Not only are they going to waive the fee if you cash them in for certs instead of money, but if you pony up $40 in change, they will give you a $10 bonus!

Now, you don't get the $10 right away, but here's how it works. Before December 7th, get your $40 in change (if you need a bit more change you could always get some from your bank, hehe) - I actually had $40 in my coffee can, woohoo! Now, go to the Coinstar machine and opt for a gift card or e-cert (see the participating stores here). At the bottom of your receipt will be a claim form, to fill out and mail in. Coinstar will then send you a $10 gift card for the same store that you originally had picked. So for $40, you will get a total of $50. Not bad!

I just have to decide which store to pick...I think Amazon would actually be the most practical for me, but of course Old Navy is always good for clothes ;)