Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ok, I did a pretty big shopping trip last night ($60, that is a lot for me!), but I was able to score my free turkey! It was 17 lbs! Of course I have no idea what to do with a giant turkey, but it is here and in my chest freezer. There were lots of frozen-y items, so I didn't get a picture this time--we had to quick put things away.

One good deal that was a surprise was a clearance rack that had my usual vitamin, Viactiv flavor-glides, on sale for $2.99! A 100-pack bottle! I know that Viactiv usually has coupons on their site, so I thought about just coming back, when I decided to just check my coupon stash. What do you know? A $2 off coupon! So 100 vitamins for $0.99!! Hooray! The kicker here was the expiration date is 12/31/08, so they are looking to move these. But you know that some things have bogus expiration dates right? I'm not talking milk here, but something like vitamins and supplements usually last a year since they are opened. I will definitely be using these up before one year. I come from a mom that doesn't put too much stock in expiration dates...sometimes they are just there to make you run out and buy more.

Also, I did the Pillsbury deal, buy 5 items, get the Land O Lakes butter for 50 cents....WELL...I had a $0.55 cents off LoL butter coupon I got in the mail, so it doubled to $1.10, giving me $0.60 overage. I love when little things like that happen.

Finally, I was super stoked with my baggy of $40.76 in change, and what? The Coinstar machine was having problems with gift cards (after it took my money of course!) and printed out a ticket to get cash for "no fee." Um, I could do that anywhere! I wanted my $10 g/c! Oh well. I could always try it again later. :)


ldholmes said...

With the coinstar bonus you need to mail your reciept and a form to get your $10 gift Card! The forms are on the coinstar web site.

ldholmes said...

ps...if you'd like a link please email me