Monday, November 3, 2008

Ok, so I posted my Acme deals for the week, and I knew that there were some good deals to be had with their "spend $30 get a $15 coupon for your next order" promo going on. But as I got ready to go to the store tonight, I started to get really excited...I got all of THAT (above) for less than $20!

I'm going to detail it here for you, but be sure to check out my original post for the links to the coupons. You can really work a deal very similar to mine (two transactions worth!) using only the printable coupon sites that I linked to.

Transaction #1 - I bought:
4 Betty Crocker cookie mixes at $1.66 each
10 Green Giant vegetables at $1 each
4 Betty Crocker potatoes at $1 each
2 Knorr Sides Plus at $1.66 each
4 Progresso broths at $1.66 each

Used four $0.75 off cookie mix coupons, doubled to $1.50 each
Used two $0.65 off three vegetable coupons, doubled to $1.30 each
Used two $0.50 off two vegetable coupons, doubled to $1 each
Used two $0.60 off three vegetable coupons, doubled to $1.20 each
Used four $0.40 off potatoes coupons, doubled to $0.80 each
Used four $0.50 off broth coupons, doubled to $1 each
Got credit for $30.60 of participating items, paid $10.40 out of pocket, got $15 in catalina (register) coupons for my next purchase.

Transaction #2 - I bought:
1 Betty Crocker cookie mix at $1.66
4 Betty Crocker frosting tubs at $1.66 each
1 Betty Crocker potato at $1
4 boxes of 100-Calorie Chex Mix at $2.50 each
1 Country Crock spread at $1.66 each (my store did not have the Omega variety, but if your does, you can use the printable)
2 Betty Crocker brownie mixes at $1.66 each

Used one $0.75 off cookie mix coupon, doubled to $1.50*
Used one $0.40 off potatoes coupon
Used two $0.40 off brownie mixes coupon
Used four $0.55 off frosting coupons
Used four $0.55 off two Progresso soup coupons
Used four $0.60 off Chex coupons
(*Here I had a different cashier who was VERY nervous about "printed" coupons, even after the manager reassured her that different barcodes = legit coupons. She read the fine print on all the coupons, which said "do not double or triple" and she manually over-rode them so they didn't double! I have NEVER experienced that before; Acme is so generous with their doubling--they do it to every coupon--but I wasn't going to cause a problem, especially when I was bagging so much for such a great deal!)
Got credit for $31.76 of participating items, used the three $5 off catalina coupons from the first transaction, paid $8.75 out of pocket (it would have been $1.06 if I stuck with my usual cashier!), got $15 in catalina coupons for my next purchase!

Transaction #3 - Here is where it gets a little hairy, because I was just buying what I needed at this point. Some of the deals were:
I bought 2 Fresh Express Tender Leaf bagged salads on sale 2 for $4, used two of the $0.50 printable coupons, they doubled to $1 off, and got both bags for $2. PLUS, I got the 2 lbs. of free bananas with the in-store coupon!
I also picked up three canisters of the free Wet Ones (I used two printables and one newspaper coupon for $0.75, they all doubled to $1.50)
Some other deals I happened upon were Steamfresh rice on sale for $1 & I had $1 off coupons, etc.
I used only two of the $5 off catalina coupons from the second transaction, and paid $1 out of pocket! So I still have $5 off my next purchase.

If you have any questions about how to do this deal, please leave it in the comments and I'll get back to you!


Mercedes said...

Wow! you worked this deal very well!

Paige said...

Does your store double coupons all the time? There are no stores around me that double the coupons, so I have to go it on the singles, but I'm going to try this deal at Albertsons tomorrow.

Bay said...

Yes, my store doubles the coupons all the time automatically. I never had someone go through and manually override the system's doubling. If you have a coupon for just about every item you will still do really well. My transaction #2 only had one coupon doubled.