Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So it is the second day of the Making Your Home a Haven challenge at The Homespun Heart. Obviously, Rayna & I are up for the day and had our breakfast and are ready to get rolling. I have already put dinner in the crockpot, a variation of the easy recipe here. I will put the recipe & pics up later.

Since I had just done a bunch of tidying and cleaning yesterday to show the house, this is what I have to work on today:

-Finish all the laundry (there's a *bunch* to put away)
-Vacuum both flights of steps and the 3rd floor
-Clean all the windows
-Empty & reload dishwasher
-Clean bathtub (my least favorite chore ever ;)
-Clean my hot spots...I have a couple of hot spots in the house that are super clutter zones. I may have zapped a few yesterday, but I just didn't have time to clean this one. I straightened it into a pile, which has since toppled over. For some reason going through piles of mail, articles, etc. takes me forever. So here is a before pic (why are there three candles on one table? lol):

I'll be back on later to let you know how I fared with my cleaning, dinner and a nice after pic of that end table!

**Ok, my follow-up post is now up here


Anonymous said...

what a mess that coffee table is

Bay said...

haha, I know that is you Marc!